Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies brings back the late 70’s and 80’s sex comedy spoofs and puts it in a comic book story combining elements of such classics as: Revenge of the Nerds, Ghostbusters, Malibu Express and the hundreds of sex spoofs we unconditionally loved… And still love.

The Last Dodo

The Last Dodo is a charming children’s story about a unique bird who sets out on an adventure to discover his true identity.

Smash TeeVee reviews

A list of all the Smash TeeVee recommendations for movies and series done by our good friend Robotron during the Smash TeeVee episodes on Youtube and Odysee.

Conquest of Happiness
Conquest of Happiness In a world where joy is a memory, where the laughter of children is a foreign sound, where the musical notes fail to bring joy and pollution and sorrow fill the air. Two brave people venture to the stars in an attempt to bring back hope to humanity, to vanquish sadness and [...]
Printed Coloring Books

For a while now I have had coloring plates available for sale on this site, based on the drawings I made about and for people on Youtube and other platforms. However nice these are you still need a printer to use them and we all know home printers are a pain in the ass.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day merchandise 2022 Even though modern dating is like jumping through a minefield with lasers, there's still room for romance, love and simping. Find our special merch for Valentine's day in the shop. Don’t need no OnlyFans – Mug with Color Inside €10.36 Select options For my Babygurl – Mug with Color Inside €10.36 [...]



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