Smash TeeVee reviews

A list of all the Smash TeeVee recommendations for movies and series done by our good friend Robotron during the Smash TeeVee episodes on Youtube and Odysee.

Conquest of Happiness
Conquest of Happiness In a world where joy is a memory, where the laughter of children is a foreign sound, where the musical notes fail to bring joy and pollution and sorrow fill the air. Two brave people venture to the stars in an attempt to bring back hope to humanity, to vanquish sadness and [...]
Printed Coloring Books

For a while now I have had coloring plates available for sale on this site, based on the drawings I made about and for people on Youtube and other platforms. However nice these are you still need a printer to use them and we all know home printers are a pain in the ass.

Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day merchandise 2022 Even though modern dating is like jumping through a minefield with lasers, there's still room for romance, love and simping. Find our special merch for Valentine's day in the shop.
Boardgame update
For quite some time now I've been making my own tabletop games - from boardgame to cardgame depending on the theme and idea. It's been a long time coming that I finish one but with being the only one working on it you can imagine it takes a lot of time. From concept to making [...]
Bird’s Little Helpers now available
Hail Caroga! Some time ago I was listening to one of BirdoPrey5's streams and was inspired to make a story about the poor orphans that lived in the wonderful land of Caroga where BirdoPrey5 is ofcourse God Emperor and supreme ruler. After a couple of weeks the little book called "Bird's Little Helpers" was done [...]
Jitse Lemmens Design Shop
Good news everyone! I'm glad to announce that I now have a full store on my site where I'm allowed to sell a myriad of products. Thanks to drop-shipping company I'm able to send merch across the world at decent prices. I currently have around 60 products on this store not including the coloring [...]
The Lemons Society launch
After a long deliberation, a lot of doubt and a sudden dose of "je m'en foutisme" I have decided to launch The Lemons Society. A subscription service in the vain of Patreon and others for anyone who wishes to support me, be part of the most infamous secret society of secret societies and just want [...]
Media Channel
I'm a content creator now... Due to being on Youtube a lot and making illustrations and layouts for people I decided to catch two birds with one stone and make videos on the work I do for people. Eventually more diverse videos were added talkin about my passions and reviewing the multitude of movies and [...]


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Eyes of Fire
America the Motion Picture

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