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Hi everybody?!

So what is JitseLemmens.com? Well, it’s my website ofcourse consisting of everything that is and is made by me. It’s a pretty big site as you can see and is both my portfolio, businesssite, e-commerce site and much more. Why? Why not? This site is a testament of all that I am, was and will be.

I’m not only a graphic designer and illustrator who dabbles in webdesign who can offer you anything from logo’s to dtp-work, designs, banners, the creation of banners and magazines, wordpress sites with or without a woocommerce e-shop, illustrations and other art.

I’m the owner of an e-commerce merch-store both on this site as well as on RedBubble which offers a myriad of products with my designs on it and future plans to sell published books and comics across the world thanks to the wonders of dropshipping. I am also creating several tabletop games that will be released as soon as they are done (it takes a lot of time doing everything on your own).

I’m also a content creator making videos on Youtube, Odysee and TikTok in an attempt to entertain my followers, lead them to other creators and people and expand my own brand in doing so.

And last but not least I’m the founder of my own secret society called “The Lemons Society” where people who wish to support me can join and get some goodies for it in return.


The age of growth

The 80’s were a fantastic era where people started to know more and more but remained ignorant about so many things.

It was an innocent time of fantasy, heroes and villains set on the backdrop of a looming nuclear holocaust. Much, if not all, of this era defines me. My love for fantasy, myths, occult, secret societies and conspiracies, the A-Team, Knightrider and Airwolf. Besides inventing my own booby-traps and mixing together myths I made my own series of The Garbage Pail Kids cards, I chose to let Skeletor win now and again and so much more.

I started drawing at a very young age and continued to do so throughout my days, my dream was to become a comic-book illustrator or something like that and that hasn’t changed.


The age of knowledge

The buildingblocks of the 80’s transformed into a slightly more mature version of what once was. He-Man and my fondness for mythology became HP Lovecraft, Dungeons & Dragons and the occult. Everything slowly matured.

Secret societies and conspiracies were rampant on the ever maturing internet. The wall had fallen, villains became real but looked unlike I ventured into the worlds of Goethe, Nietzsche, A.C. Doyle, Crowley and others.
My drawing skills improved and I entered artschool, a strange time with many stories few ever believe to be true.


The era of understanding

The century was over and my enlistment into the RITS as an animation-student was a fact.

Not soon after I got to be the proud father or my first-born son Cayn. An event that has changed my life in many profound ways. I had to quit my studies and ended up in the mainstream of tempjobs, never losing sight of my true passion and goals. I dabbled in a lot of jobs both mundane as extravagent but never really got a hold on a true job yet kept working as a freelance graficus and illustrator.

My second child Maëly, a beautiful daughter was born in 2004 and my life changed again. The end of this turbulant decade announced the possibility of yet another new start. Many things change, many things were lost but the love for design, illustration and art peeked as never before.


The time of contemplation

After my short course to finetune my webdesign skills and moving to a new house in a new city
I now continue to do what I do best: to make things with my mind and hands.

I use my creative talents and passion on a daily basis; whether it’s webdesign, print or illustration. I am currently employed with a design company in Halle. Two new children entered my life during this period. The first, born in 2012, my son Mitox followed in 2015 by a little daredevil called Alix Leraïe.


The Age of Change

… (more to come, we’ve just started)


With my broad range of skills I am able to create a myriad of products for you depending on your desires and choices. Here is a a short list of what I can make for you:

Graphic Design

• flyers • posters • magazines • banners • folders • covers • inlays • logo’s • brandbooks • bibles • catalogs •

• Logo’s
If you need a logo for your company or event I can accomodate you. Starting from a basic idea or from scratch we’ll create a logo that can be used in all your design or other documents.

• One-pagers
One pagers used for a quick call to action used to deliver information or send the viewer to somewhere with more information.

• Booklets
Usually 4 to 8 page booklets used to share a summary of information.

• Magazines
Complete magazines showing a multitide of information, these include product-booklets.


• drawings • sketches • paintings • coloring • comics •

• Sketches
These are rough concepts of ideas and drawings usually used for more detailed iterations later. Sometimes however a sketch is all you need. Most sketches are digital but they can be done with traditional media too ofcourse, scanned in and altered where necessary digitally.

• Digital painting
Using bitmaps these are digital paintings and drawings that can be used in your presentations. It is crucial however that a correct size and resolution is given as 72dpi resolution isn’t sufficient for print and a 600px painting won’t look good on a 60cm poster for example. The bigger and the more resolution required the more time and detail it will take to create the painting and/or drawing and results may vary at times.

• Illustrator
These are vector-based illustrations that can be used in print much easier then regular bitmap illustration or paintings. Due to the nature of vectors these drawings can be scaled almost indefinate, something which isn’t possible with bitmaps.

• Traditional Media
Although my work is mostly digital the past couple of years I have enjoyed a training using traditional media. If you wish for me to create something using traditional media I can oblige you. Due to the cost and nature of traditional media however it’s possible that I do not have sufficient supplies to complete your request. Please inquire beforehand for an estimate.

Photo Manipulation

• retouching • recoloring • manipulation • montage • mixed-media • digital art • backdrops • effects & filters matte •

• Photoshop work
Retouching and manipulation of images and/or illustrations.
Photoshop work includes both the manipulation as well as the retouching of existing pictures into something new.

• Photo collages
Photo collages and merges creating a new image from several.

• Photo corrections
Color correction, retouching and other improvements.

• Photo manipulation
Altering existing media using the tools provided in Photoshop.

• Mixed media
Combining mixed media & art for several outlets and purposes.


• one-pager • html • responsive • woocommerce • database • seo • social • wordpress •

• Small Site
A small websites usually consists of 1 to 5 pages including a contact page and has minimal cms-requirements. Small websites can include portfolios, blogs and other small company sites.

• Large Site
A large website will mostly have more then 10 pages and will frequently be updated with new content. It will feature a more complex structure of both static pages as well as pages that will change on a timely basis.

• E-Commerce Site
E-Commerce or database sites are very large sites that have in the hundred pages with possibly fairly complex connections. E-Commerce sites require more maintenance and setup then normal sites and will be used and updated often on a daily basis by the owners.
Database sites are similar in such a way that there are not any products for sale but an equal amount of pages that are interlinked in other manners.

• Photographs
Modern websites require visuals, either image or video. If you cannot provide these visuals yourself we can use stock-photography sites such as Shutterstock to fill the required spaces.
If need be we can offer a shoot by a fellow photographer at a decent price.

• Site Maintenance
We create websites with WordPress, a very understandable and fairly easy CMS anyone who knows a little about Word and the Internet can use. It’s well documented but if you prefer to keep your site in optimal maintenance we can offer help.

• Site Hosting
All sites require hosting and maintenance. If you prefer to leave the selection and creation of a host to us we are happy to do so. We will find a suitable host and register your desired URL,
set it up and create the site for a small fee.

• SEO & Social
Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of the modern internet. Our sites have a basic setting for the so-called SEO or Social Media Awareness. Better SEO options are ofcourse available but require a lot of time and input from both sides. Please inform if you wish to look into our SEO optimisations.


I’m a jack-of-all-trades but I’m a doctor Jim, not a specialist.

Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 80%
Indesign 70%
After Effects 55%
Painter 90%
Dreamweaver 70%
CSS & HTML 85%
Word & Excell 80%
3D Programs 60%
Flash 60%
Javascript & PHP 50%


More social

“My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation.”
– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle




Neat and tidy is the way you like it. You’ll throw a fit when something isn’t the way you wanted it to beand thoroughly dislike it when your plans are foiled. Whoever said obsessive compulsive behaviour is a bad thing was a lasy hippie slacker.



This perk grants you the ability to make the dull existance into something wonderful, something magic. Fairy tales are true and Santa Clause is real, the clouds are animals and life is full of possibilities. The sky is the limit even though you have no wings, you can reach the sun even though you know you might fall when you come too close to it.



No matter what environment you get dropped you will always manage to find a way through it. You’ll find water in the hottest desert and fire in the coldest seas. You are a human cockroach, even when stomped on you’ll still survive.



Your body is made up from the atoms of Da Vinci and Picasso. When you see something mundane you immediatly conjure up some elaborate story to make it interesting. A apple isn’t just an apple for you and the longer you stare at it the more it’ll change into a pear, a plane and the universe itself.



As a child you fel into a cauldron of coffee. Since then you almost live on the black drink. It no longer has an effect on you and even with 18 cups a day you still manage to sleep seconds after you lie down. You like it however and a day without coffee is a sad day indeed. Tea gets boring, coffee always stays new and refreshing.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

As an outcast your life isn’t always the easiest. You’re the underdog, the odd-man-out, you’re the pink shirt in the grey mass. You prefer to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. You’re a lone wolf amidst sheep.



You keep tabs on the things you hear and see, form your opinion and act accordingly. You stand by as things unfold and prepare a plan for when the time is right. Don’t call it spying, don’t mention stalking, it’s just using your eyes and seeing what happens.

Child at Heart

Child at Heart

You never really grew up. Visiting the toystore is still the most enjoyed part of any trip and you still enjoy playing any kinds of game. You sadly weep when you realise that you can’t fit on the slide anymore but quickly hop your way to the swing. Grownups are stupid, bring out the mega floorpiano.




People Person

People Person

Neat and tidy is the way you like it. You’ll throw a fit when something isn’t the way you wanted it to beand thoroughly dislike it when your plans are foiled. Whoever said obsessive compulsive behaviour is a bad thing was a lasy hippie slacker.

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