Cartoon Festival Part 3

The 2018 edition of the Cartoonfestival in Knokke had as theme “Travel & Vacation” and so I set out to make another set of cards and other illustrations.

The cardset this year consisted of 52 cards that depicted 4 seasons spanning different touristic locations on earth. I made it as such that a complete set of cards would create a 360° panorama as well as a full play deck for well-known card games.

You can download a full set of cards in low-res here.

The large illustration depicting the dinosaur was a 2x2m wall to liven up the toilets a bit.
As soon as I have pictures of the actual image I will post them here or on my social media.

Besides the playing cards all visitors and kids would receive a small booklet with illustrations, trivia and other fun games.
You can download a version of it here.

In certain cities you could also make a picture by putting your head in a large cut-out depicting another piece of Dark Tourism:
World War II memorial sites.

Furthermore there were a couple of photoshops for the photobooth depicting several people pressed against the glass with flamingo’s. All these and more can be visited in the Cartoonfestival pavilion during the summer of 2018.

The cost of tourism

These two boards were created to liven up the workshop area where children could make drawings or perform arts & crafts.

The topic was an environmental warning on how much waste is left on the beaches by tourists.

Children in the workshops are able to view how much waste has been collected and how many years it takes for nature to get rid of our garbage and what devastating effects it has on plants, animals and humans alike.

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