What happens when a project doesn’t reach it’s goal?


There are three ways a project can end:

  • Target Goal
    The campaign ends when the target amount is reached. The campaign will continue to run until the target amount is met and will keep running until the amount is met or the campaign is cancelled.
  • Target Date
    The campaign ends when the target date arrived regardless of amount. This way the project eventually will reach it’s goal regardless of the amount it has.
  • Target Goal and Date
    The campaign ends when both date and target amount are met. If the amount doesn’t match it will continue till it does.
  • Campaign never ends
    The campaign will never end. This type of campaign will most likely not be used seeing there is already a store in place on JitseLemmens.com.

But when will they end then?

Campaigns will remain open till they end so your pledged amount will be locked in the campaign for the remainder of the campaign as with all other crowdfunding sites.

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