I was able to work for de Gezinsbond several times both on a personal account as well as for previous employers.

2019 – I created a simple “Ganzenbord” boardgame for them using personal as well as stock illustrations.

2020 – Furthermore I was able to help on the 2022 version of Reuzenhuis (Giant’s House) where adults can walk around a giant house as if they are children. I made the blown-up wallpapers and other textures used in and around the house. I also was asked to create illustrations for a game. Due to budget and time constraints this was once again done with both personal as well as stock images. For more information please visit:

2022 – In 2022 I was asked to create buttons for their volunteer service. Initially I was asked to create 8 unique illustrations praising several types of volunteers. This concept was simplified to using 8 illustrations based more on the icons they use in their publications. Later it was simplified to one version of these icons in the house colors. These were turned into both buttons as well as stickers for their volunteers.

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