During the course of my life I have made plenty of illustrations and drawings.

Although many have been destroyed over the years  (and plenty more not worth showing) I can present you here with some of the work I’m still quite fond of.

These range from 1995 till current date and are ordered in an descending order. These of course do not include any of the other illustrations I have made for comics and other work.


Click for some collections of illustrations:

Jennoir (NSFW)

During a 5-year period in my life I was mesmerized by a certain person, she became my muse and I created almost 2000 illustrations of her. Despite daily talks and activities, friendship, my suspicions and my paranoia unfortunately this person was proven to be a major catfish and pretty much disappeared afterwards. These images are a testament of my – albeit dark – past and serve as a reminder of the duality of life and people.

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