Hail Caroga!

Some time ago I was listening to one of BirdoPrey5’s streams and was inspired to make a story about the poor orphans that lived in the wonderful land of Caroga where BirdoPrey5 is ofcourse God Emperor and supreme ruler. After a couple of weeks the little book called “Bird’s Little Helpers” was done and was created into a video on BirdoPrey5’s channel with the help of the lovely Purple Valkyrie who voiced the story.

Today, however, I’m glad to announce that the first test print of Bird’s Little Helpers came in and that I can offer a limited sale of these books on this site. There are currently only 8 available copies of this limited edition print run. It’s a lovely 32-page full-color book with colorful, funny illustrations and an in-depth look into the Great Carogan Empire, its ruler and the happy orphans within.

There’s a possibility that these books will become more available in the future though certain things still need to happen for that to be possible.
This limited edition is available as long as stocks last so get it while you can!

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