Conquest of Happiness

In a world where joy is a memory, where the laughter of children is a foreign sound, where the musical notes fail to bring joy and pollution and sorrow fill the air. Two brave people venture to the stars in an attempt to bring back hope to humanity, to vanquish sadness and fear. The conquest of happiness.

Conquest of Happiness is a 32-page one-shot comic by me – Jitse Lemmens – and is now available for purchase on this store both in physical form as well as a digital version.

This is the first comic released as I’m working hard to get others finished so it isn’t alone anymore in the world. It’s the first in what hopefully will become more comics. This short story has been a project of mine for a while now and it’s an easy step into the world.

On to bigger and badder comicbook related projects. More to come.

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