Crimson Skies

Harry Meretzky is a typical nerd getting ready for college and all that entails. Until, one night, he gets struck in the head by a piece of a menacing red meteor.  Weeks later he wakes up in a changed world where entities called Fantoms bring chaos to an already chaotic world.

Crimson Skies brings back the late 70’s and 80’s sex comedy spoofs and puts it in a comic book story combining elements of such classics as: Revenge of the Nerds, Ghostbusters, Malibu Express and the hundreds of sex spoofs we unconditionally loved… And still love.

Crimson Skies Issue 1 – Lady in Red is the first 72-page issue of a planned 16 issue series. It is now available for purchase on this store both in physical form as well as a digital version and with NSFW as well as SFW cover.


BEWARE: possible spoilers ahead.

Each issue of Crimson Skies will have a centerfold included in the comic. To be precise: a centerfold-in mixing the glorious concept of Mad Magazine fold-ins with that of the great tradition of magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse and others. Or maybe something different that I haven’t figured out yet. You’ll find out!

If you wish to keep your copy of Crimson Skies  in a pristine condition and want to see what the fold-in reveals then be sure to check the tabs on the right.

BEWARE: possible spoilers ahead.

01 - Lady in Red
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