Good news everyone!

I’m glad to announce that I now have a full store on my site where I’m allowed to sell a myriad of products. Thanks to drop-shipping company I’m able to send merch across the world at decent prices. I currently have around 60 products on this store not including the coloring boards.

Check out the store!

What’s being sold? has a large amount of products available to pick from and all of them can be added to this store with any of my designs on it. If you should see a design or want a custom design printed on any of those products be sure to drop my a line and I’ll see if I can add it to the catalog.

A full list of products can be found in the FAQ.

NOTE: certain products require certain types of design that cannot be incorporated decently (like embroidery on hats). I’m also not allowed to sell certain designs due to copyright reasons for example.

What can we expect in the future?

More designs, more products.
There will be more designs in the future as well as more offered products.

Comics, books and other print.
I’m also looking into adding books and comics to the products with the help of which also allows me to sell worldwide have customers avoid large shipping fees and other costs. I still need to finish the books however so this is something you can expect in the future.

Custom designs.
Want something on your t-shirt that isn’t on the store or do you have a special design you want to be made? Let me know and we can figure something out.

What about the RedBubble store?

The RedBubble store will remain active as certain products (The Prisoner for example) are officially licensed there and not allowed to be sold on here. RedBubble also has different products than those on Printful both in type as well as price and quality.

Find the store on:

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