Your friendly local illustrator and graphic designer.
Whether you’re looking for illustrations or a logo,
graphic design for a flyer or magazine or a site to show yourself on the world wide web.
I am here for you.

Please take a look around, enjoy the scenery and
contact me with any questions you might have.


Media Channel
I'm a content creator now... Due to being on Youtube a lot and making illustrations and layouts for people I decided to catch two birds with one stone and make videos on the work I do for people. Eventually more diverse videos were added talkin about my passions and reviewing the multitude of movies and [...]
Game Match

Game Match – Cause every game is a match! I have started a new project that allows board- and other tabletop gamers to find eachother to play games together. Designed as some kind of dating site all those who register can create an extensive profile revealing what type and kind of tabletopgamer you are and […]

Project List

A fairly (if not) complete list of all projects and an approximation of how far I’m with them

Coming Soon

It’s almost that time of the year again. A mere 28 days before the new Cartoonfestival kicks off in Knokke. As every year I was able to create a Trading Card Deck of 54 cards that you can receive upon visiting. As for the rest I was able to create a couiple of Frontons and […]

Some updates.

Been a while since I penned things in here but that’s how things go. I started a few more projects and continued on some older ones. I will post the progress whenever I deem it acceptable to show. On further news I have finally been able to update my Illuminati New World Order cardlist which […]

New site

I finally got around finishing up a new look for the site, changing over a lot of the previous content to here.
There still are some places that needs to be looked at (especially in the ‘Project’ area) but overall the site is operational enough to release to the public.

Feel free to let me know what you think or point me to any errors I might have missed.


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Tea for 2 & 2for tea, tea for 2 & 2 for me... Tea & Telly's lovely Maria (@tea_telly) invites you all for tea and biscuits.

Don't shoot me if there are no biscuits, I'd like some biscuits tbh but it's not my house so...
Regardless you're in good company


For those who missed it like me:
The producer of PIG comes to talk with @GeeksEnjoy and @MovieAficionad4 on their stream.


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Lanxess Card

 Graphic Design

flyers • posters • magazines •
banners • folders • covers •
inlays • logo’s • brandbooks •
bibles • catalogs

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sketches • drawings •
paintings • coloring •
comics • cartoons •
vector drawings • illustrators

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Space 1

 Image manipulation

retouching • recoloring • manipulation • montage • mixed-media • digital art • backdrops • effects & filters

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Beaufort Bikes


one-pager • html • css •
responsive • woocommerce •
webshops • database • seo •
social • wordpress

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