How do I print your files?
Most files on this site can be printed with your home printer or in a professional store. These files are offered to you WITHOUT bleed and a previously set size. Going larger than the offered filesize might not give you the same amount of quality as a similar or lower size of print.
  1. To print a file open the file in any program able to open the file (whether preview acrobat, chrome, etc)
  2. Search for the print option in said program or press CTRL+P or CMD+P to open the print dialog
  3. Depending on the printer and program set up the correct printing method. Full scale, 100% without borders is recommended.
  4. Press ok and let the printer do it’s thing.
How many times can we use these files?

You are allowed the print these files as many times as you want.

Can we resell the files we bought?

You are not allowed to duplicate or copy the files bought on this channel and resell those files as your own work – thus making money off my work.
You are however legally allowed to sell your copy of the file to another person thus relinquishing your ownership of that file.

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