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Below are some of the 3D-print designs I have made. You can download them from my profile on Thingiverse and print them on your 3D-printer.

FilRight Spindle Boxes and Dropper

Use your depleted FilRight 1.5kg spindles as a container with the nifty boxes. There are several versions with different slots as well as a container for the center hole.

Rattus Insert (Base game & Expansions)

An insert for the boardgame Rattus that can hold the base game and all expansions within the base game box (albeit a bit lifted). Go get it from Thingiverse.

Ender 5 Test-Spool Boxes

Use the depleted spool you receive with your purchase of an Ender 5 for something more usefull. There are several versions which each a different amount of slots.

Gaslands UFO’s Death from Above

Saw a Gaslands-Facebook post talking about custom rules for a Orbital Weapon and decided it had to have a 3D-printed version.Although not quite orbital I think it came out quite wel for a first try… AND it keeps standing.Will be working on some alternatives and more sturdy ones in the future.

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