Bronze City is a worker-placement game that combines elements from Monopoly, Tammany Hall and Lords of Waterdeep. In Bronze City you play one of the entrepeneurs in a fictional 1800’s city. With your starting funds you will buy proporties and gain influence, influence which will be used to gain control over the many burroughs of the city. The goal: become the most powerful man in town. How you do it is up to you; whether through charity or villainous acts, selling goods or buying up everything; the things you do will decide your legacy.

— more information coming soon —

This board- and cardgame hybrid puts you behind the wheel of a highly powerful faction who battles with other equally powerful factions for domination of the world and the souls that live within.

Using a custom faction deck in combination with both a general deck and a deck of locations you’ll have to manage your troups, apply tactics and destroy the faction leader to ensure victory.

This project is currently in development and under playtesting. Be sure to follow the news and this page for more information.

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