A racing game for small children, a gateway game into more complex games.

Super Bus

Welcome to the Superbus, the worlds biggest and most luxurious bus that will let you travel across the nation in luxery.

Dungeon Architect

Create a dungeon, lay traps and wait for the adventurers to stumble upon them... and be slaughtered.


Conspiracy theories and those behind them. Be the organisation that uses conspiracy theories to further your own agenda, plot and ploy against others to become ruler of the world. But beware the [...]

Cities –Cancelled–

Cities is a tile-placement game much in the vain of Patchwork and other similar games but about creating a city.


Exorcisumus places you and your friends into the shoes of a group of Exorcists trying to expell a demonic presence from the body of a victim.

Rap God

In Rap God you battle against other lyricists spewing the best rhymes and lyrics to become the best rapper out there.

The Rejects

In "The Rejects" you are a recruiter who tries to create the best team possible out of several types of people as they are sent out to some, undefined, adventure.

Soda Wars

In Soda Wars you play as one of the soda-pop companies trying to discover the secret ingrediënts to their competition's best-sellers.

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