8:15 is what is best described as an interactive story/adventure game reminiscent of Fahrenheit in which you play a person who walks around in an open world and is forced to deal with certain things he comes across with. I already know that it’ll be a daunting task and that many people most likely have tried (and failed to some extent) but why not try huh?

8:15 tells the story of a regular guy (or is he) who wakes up, goes about his morning business and slowly leaves to work. Depending on the choices he makes in that morning things do or don’t happen. You can choose to take a breakfast or just spend time behind the couch before going to work. You can decide not to go to work.

Doing everything and being able to do everything is, ofcourse, impossible but with carefull branching nice things are possible.

As you might have guessed there will be a pivotal occorance at 8:15, either this day or the next, either am or pm. Everything will be kept fairly simple so we can focus on the branching. Art style might be created but will add another amount of difficulty to the task of branching a possible present and future. We can play with the main characters past ofcourse to give the player a little bit more hten just text on a screen.

To avoid straining we might go into an episode-like structure, this will enable us to faction off certain elements that have no or little impact on the next day. We can play with this however to make things a little bit more interesting later (eat a certain thing might give you something wonderful later).

Before you start the game you get some multiple choice options to childhood situations that will define your overal psychology.

You’ll be faced during the course of the days with several annoyances and fears and are capable to stop the madness in your own kind of way. Annoyances such as: traffic jams, over-priced goods, insurance faillure, long lines, bullies, people nagging, etc to the more elaborate ones such as bank robbery.

— more information coming soon —

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