All Out Fairy Tale was my big idea for a first person shooter annex beat’m up. The modding scene was popular in those days right before the advent of UT2004 and due to my limited knowledge of coding I decided to give it a go with that engine. After the conceptual phase, art and a lot of pages in my design document I went in search for a team to bring it to fruition. The modding scene was competitive however with the Source and Unreal engine and personal lives quickly halted production of some keymembers of the team leaving the project dead in the water.


History of All Out Fairy Tale

During and after my departure from the World War II UT-mod The Third Reich I got the idea of a fairy tale inspired first person shooter with beat’m up elements. A design document came forth quickly and I started on the concept of the game. All Out Fairy Tale was born, all it needed know was a capable and motivated team to bring it to completion. All Out Fairy Tale originally was a full-mod meant for the UT2K engine. Due to technical difficulties and the upcoming Source engine we decided to switch engine.

All Out Fairy Tale is a first-person shooter with beat’m up elements. It featured a twisted, more mature, version of all the old fairy tales most children grew up with. In the game you would play as one of the fairy tale characters and battle it out in the Enchanted Land with all types of melee and other weapons. Every character has his own special moves, special abilities and special flaws which will both enhance and balance the gameplay. Maps consist of booby traps and trigger related occurances to give the player something extra.

The list of characters and their special moves, as well as most of the maps and other gameplay functions were carefully described in both the site as the team-only documents. Feel free to visit the old AOFT-site as it was back in those days (beware that its not up to todays standards, still uses tables and all that jazz. I still believe however that the site has heart.)

At the time I started this little gem I hadn’t heard anything about that other game featuring some kind of twisted version of a fairy tale called “American McGee’s Alice”. The near parallel existence of this game caused AOFT an amount of grief cause by the ever-increasing amount of trolls running amock on the internet.

Over the course of time however more and more people started to have “real life”issues and much f the work was done by myself. The trolling on forums didn’t stop and it brought down my moral quite a bit. Eventually the project just slowly went to sleep and although alive I haven’t restarted it yet. A good coder however could change everything.


The art-department, consisting of me and only me, had a lot of art created to bring the universe of All Out Fairy Tale to life. Although everything about the world exists in my head the art proved t o be invaluable in creating all the other elements of the game for team-members (duh). We had art assets for almost everything except for the levels itself which were, for now, just textual hints as to how it would look. Weapons and most items were derived from stock or by quick sketches.

Here are a few samples of sketches I’ve made for the game.


We have an extensive cast of playable characters each having their own traits, special abilities, disadvantages and more. They all had their own weapons and were, in turn, able to use most – although not all- of eachothers weapons. Check out the character pages HERE on the website for more info.

Certain characters, such as the 7 Dwarves and 3 pigs, had something special going on. In the case of these “multi-characters” you simply controlled one of them as the others followed you around in a non-obtrusive manner. You could however decide to switch characters on the fly or give certain orders to them. Having this ability gives you a great advantage so the balance was that these characters devided their health-bar amongst the others. In the case of the 7 Dwarves for example a 100% life bar would be divided between the 7. The controlling character gets hit so he loses HP until his percentage runs up. You are then forced to go to another. Characters that aren’t under control aren’t hittable directly but seeing you have 1/7th of life it wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Other characters had special traits as well as you can see on the character pages.


Every character has 2 or 3 maps designed especially for him/her. They are based upon the environments they reside in in the stories but there were also a couple of levels that were unique and got their inspiratation from movies and series.

We started mapping on the UT2k4 engine and finished a beta level. The mapper unfortunately was more occupied with making levels for himself then for the mod so we didn’t get far with it. With all of my time spent mostly in the other areas not a lot of maps were made or even finished.

Here are a few screenshots however from what we did have and some sketches for upcoming maps.

The world in which AOFT takes places is called The Enchanted Land which is devided into several provinces to allow different fairy tales to take present in it.

The Enchanted world

…is a vast area in which many creatures great and small live. It’s a world of fantasy and reality, cities and towns, majestic mountaints and mysterious valleys. The Enchanted World is surrounded by an undiscovered desert waste which in the folks mouth has such names as “the Impassable Desert”, “The Shifting Sands”, “The Great Sandy Waste” and “The Deadly Desert”. Few that have travelled through these barren wastes have returned to tell what lies behind it. It has been 5 years since the departure of the great discoverer Cristòfol Colom, who has sworn to travel this “Sea of Sand” and return with knowledge from what is beyond but untill that day noone will dare travel it and those who try perish.

Before the “Great War” the land was devided in several countries: Quadling, Gillikin, Munchkin and Winkie Country. But after the Great War these names faded away and have been replaced by a more united typology since few of the Munchkin race survived the Great War. More in use now are the provinces of “The Enchanted Land”. Former Munchkin Country has become “Wonderland” in the west of the Enchanted World. “Neverland” is the small island ruled by Peter Pann and his minions and lies within Gillikin Country. In the centre of the Enchanted Land is “the Land of Oz”, which is partially situated in both Quadling and Winkie Country. The biggest region in the Enchanted World however has been christianed The Enchanted Land after the Great War and combines the Gillikin, Winkie and Quadling country in one big province. To the South East of the Enchanted Land however lies the forgotten and feared “Jinxed Land” which is said to be the only passage to the Beyond next to the Sea of Sand.

Jinxed Land

Once a flourishing land this part of the Enchanted Land was laid to waste during the Great War. It’s lands bore the biggest battles in the war and many men died in equally as many horrendous ways on this land. Overly used by the military as a testing ground the original habitants of these were submitted to special weapons of war next to the already rages fires of war. When the war hit it’s 6th year the home of an old witch was the centrepoint of a fierce battle, as the soldiers fought around her small house a terrifying experiment was bound to be used. Cayke the Cookie Cook, for that was the withes name, on a certain day lost her gold dishpan which she deemed stolen by one of the fighting soldiers, in a craze she went out on her roof and shouted at the surrounding soldiers; yet they did not listen. Suddenly however, from far and wide, all of a sudden the Yips -a secluded and closed people- came to her house wondering what the fuss was about. Unknowing they entered the fighting and in trying to reach the old witches house many were slaughtered relentlessly. Those that did arrive at the witches house were cursed upon by Cayke, who was amazed at such stupidity of the small people. Offended they joined in the chaotic wave of violence and shouting around them only to be silenced for ever 7 minutes later. At that point in time, the Big Bomb fell and wiped every soldier, every weapon, every Yip and every living and non living thing of the face of the Enchanted World. Except for Cayke the Cookie Cook and her little house. As she stoof there upon her roof surrounded what once was a beautifull country yet now is a barren waste, once surrounded by millions of soldiers and shouting Yips now was nothing, not a single blade of grass, not once flower, not one sword. Blasted away in one single sigh. As she stood there, the witch uttered silent words in anger and dispair and before evaporating like everything around her cursed the lands around her. And thus a mystical force took control over the land, a dark force and made the land into a vile and evil place and for the remainder of the war the Jinxed Land was an even more horrendous place to be. When the war ended a big wall was put up around the Land so no soul or foul spirit could enter or escape the land. Yet like everything, even walls can be breached.


A small island on the northern sea of the Enchanted Land ruled by Peter Pann and his minions. Once a flourishing place of happiness and childish fun it soon turned into a bleak oasis of agony, violence and destruction. It all started when the war began and Peter’s girlfriend Wendy, her daughter and friends were supposedly murdered by Captain Hook. At first Peter’s sorrow was unsurpassable but soon his rage fueled and the old Peter Pan who was known for his positive view on life turned dark. In a fiery rage he killed his Lost Boys only to ressurect them some time later as vampiric slaves after he realised what he has done. Neverland itself changed with Peter and turned into a dark fortified island. The Beach – since called the Skull Beach – was transformed with the war into an atlantic wall, it’s jungle is filled with booby traps and mountains act as hideouts for Pann’s small army bound to get it’s vengeance for the murder of his beloved. Their headquarters are located in the northwest part of the island within Skull Rock. It is said that souls of fallen roam in the home that once used to be the home of the Lost Boys who now reside around Pann in fear and dispair. Even after the war Pann and his minions still live at war.

To the east of the island is the Mermaids Lagoon, the resurfacing area of mermaids and sirens of the Enchanted Land. Below it lies Atlantis, home of mermaids, sirens and other advanced sea creatures. Ruled by Nepture, father of Ariel, who has been at war with Pann since he lost his mind it is a place of wonder and marvel. Virtually untouched by the Great War it now seeks to be a beakon for the rebuilding of the Enchanted Land.

It is also said that Captain Hook still wanders the seas around the island and Pirates Cove on his ghostship, some say he is hiding from Pann’s vengeance, others say he’s planning to destroy Pann completely. Either way, Hook is still around claiming he didn’t have anything to do with the murder of Wendy, her daughter and friends.

The Land of OZ

The land of Oz is a vast and progressed land that was the centre point of the Great War. It was in the Emerald City that the assassination of the Great King took place which was one of the reasons why the Great War started. Others say it was the troubled economy, human nature and rise of different political factions that were the main causes of the Great War but one fact remains, even after the war the Emerald City remains a place of turmoil. South of the Emerald City lies the Truth Pond which is said holds the secrets to every question possible, it is however a mystery how one is to drink the toxic waters without dying in the process. To the near southwest of the city is the infamous Poppy Field, a place that was and is often used to get away from the harsh reality of the Enchanted World. In the war the battles fought here were said to be among the weirdest ever known, constantly tipping over between an unsettling peace and total carnage. The river that runs from these ponds is said to be “the pathway of thieves”, who have their hide-outs somewhere in the proximity. “The 3 Bears’ House” is one of the last that got hit by this band of thieves. Across the river to the south is the famous Oz College that is known across the world for it’s intellectual and spiritual influences. Many famous wizards, scholars, artists and intellectuals graduated and followed lessons in this college. More south are the houses of the 3 Pigs located next to the Forest. West of the College is “the Forest of Fighting Trees”, a mysterious forest which is the home of an ancient race of trees who tend to get very violent with people wandering through their territory. Many people have been lost in these forest, what happened to them is unknown but it is most likely that they were shredded by the Fighting Trees. Locals say they weren’t violent in the beginning but the race began to change a couple of years before the Great War and got more and more violent, peaking during the war. Armies have tried to torch the forests with the trees but failed and since then no human blood can enter without fear.

Next to the forest lies yet another bleak and dangerous place: the Black Swamp. Like it’s name the Black Swamp is a dark,sunless swamp that houses many creatures of the night. Blocked from sunlight this swamp has the most curious forms of plant and animallife in the known world. Many of which are as dangerous as they are obscure. Deep into the Black Swamp are “The Black Ovens” and “The Evil Witch’s House”. North of the Swamp lies “The Puppetmaster Town” which is the residence of the Great Puppetmaster Gepetto.

A few stonethrows lives the Scarecrow in his tower, since centuries he hasn’t come out of this home. Visitors have entered his door but dare not speak about what lies beyond the other doors in his house. North of the “Scarecrow’s Tower” is “Lake Quad”, a normal lake with clear water and an almost fluerescent glow above it at night, it is the favourite place for the folk to come and entertain themselves. It’s regarded as a beacon in the dark Enchanted World but many fear it won’t be able to keep out of the green clutches of the Emerald City. The Scarecrow’s long friend “Jack Pumpkinhead” has his home to the north and is the equivalent of Mr Scarecrow’s house. A tad darker in nature Jack has revealed upon a dreary day that he and Scarecrow would take over the world, mocked by the towns children he has ever since dispised the townsfolk and teases them on a certain day of the year with gruesome magic. Magic which is said to come from the mysterious “Jinju House” which is the queerest most daring piece of architecture in the Enchanted Land. To the far east are two remnants of the great touristic nature of the Enchanted Land from before the Great War. “The Great Orchard” was once a lush and beautifull forest garden with every single form of plantlife possible. Filled with flowers and plants this garden was a beauty to the eye and soul. During the war it went into decay and was handed over to the grills of nature. The use of biological and atomic weapons in the region has only made things worse. Now the Great Orchard is a garden of chaos where nature has taken control and seems to be keen on staying in power. South of the Great Orchard lies “The Carnival” which has been shut down a couple of years before the wars due to the economic crisis. During the war it was used as both headquarters as battleground with it and the attractions were both used and abused by their new visitors. The irony of it all was that it was this battleground where childsoldiers were the most common, the slaughter done in this region was unparallelled. All these places were easily reachable by the biggest road in the Enchanted World, going from one edge to the other edge, linking the east with the west and north with the south. This road was not only the largest, biggest and longest it was also made out of bright gold stones which would shine in the eternal sunlight. “The Golden Brick Road” however was over-used during the war and like much of the places it would link it crumbled under the weight of the Great War.

The Enchanted Land

The Enchanted Land is the largest provence on the continent and reaches out from almost the complete west to the east of the Enchanted World. Within we have many wondrous places and sites and one of them most definatly is “The Kings Castle”… surrounded by an enormous forcefield this castle and it’s surrounding city have remained isolated during the Great War from all the violence, horror and destruction. None of his majestic and wealthy nature has been touched by the darkness outside and it’s inhabitants lived happily while the rest suffered. The King’s power and influence have decreased enormously due to this fact and he now faces a civil war between the people he protected and those that fell out of his grace.

The Oven, The Evil Witch’s House, Hansle & Gretel’s House, 7 Dwarves House + Mine, Dwarven Forest, Teahouse, Bear Centre, Puss’ Castle, Arkham Asylum, Humpty’s Wall, Branch River, Through the Rabbithole, Skeezers, Stilstkins Liar, The Beanstalk, Jack’s Farm, Rapunzels Tower, The Bakery, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, The Bakery, The Miller

Mount Munch, Frog King’s Dojo and Fountain, Mr Lover’s Mountain Hunt, 3 Pigs House, Grandma’s House, Little Red’s House, Bremen, Forester House, 7 Goats House, The White Beach, Hunting Forest, Peter’s Hut, Harbour, Little Match’s Towns, Hellgate, City of Hamelen, Beauty and Beast, The Dark Forest, The Miller, Moby Dick, Farmers House


Wonderland has always been a wonderous place with a extravagent people and an equally extravagent provence ruled by a King and Queen an a pivot of arts and creativity. Closed away from the other provinces by a great mountainridge it stands alone only connected by one single tunnel. “The Wonderland Tunnel” collapsed during the war and Wonderland was cut off from the outside world. Little is known about what happened during the war in this provence and stories differ from mouth to mouth but one thing remains true: Wonderland did not battle against the war alone.

When you enter Wonderland you will see the massive “Fortress of Doors”, a magical fortress that leads to everywhere and to nowhere. Used as a prison, hospital, pow-camp, concentration camp, hotel and getto it is almost a province upon itself. West of the Fortress is “The Magic Waterfall” which is said to bring good or bad things to those who bathe, drink or swim within. The waterfall springs forth from a short river that erupts from the “Valley of Tears”, a large lake that has crystalclear water. The legend says that a girl was once lost in the forest nearby and set down pondering about her future. When she realised the predicament she was in she started to cry, she cried that much that the beasts in the forests came to see. And what they saw was a puddle becoming a lake, a lake of such a scale that many had to flee or perish in the water. A wizard came to help but with no avail and he could not comfort the little girl, for days and nights they tried but the girl kept weeping. Out of safety and preservation of the Enchanted Land the Wizard had to act. He then decided, with the counsils and rulers of the nation, to take the girls mourning soul from out of her body so that she could not cry no more. As the soul left her body and was captured in the Wizards bottle the young girls body crumbled into a statue which now adorns the Valley with beauty. Noone ever found out what saddened the girl so much and her soul still is held captive on the dusty shelves of the long past-away wizard.

Not far north of the Vally of Tears is the infamous “Village of the Damned”… After the completion of the village a weird and fierce beast was spotted near the village. As time progressed the beast became more daring and started to attack the villagers and eventually the village for an unknown reason. Those who dared to enter where slaughtered and those who dared to escape had the same faith. As years passed the inhabitants of the small village have become damned as captives of their own village, and noone in the Enchanted World has found a way to rid the village of the beast called Jabberwocky.

Somewhere in the forests lies Jabberwocky’s Liar but it has since now remained undiscovered. Scattered throughout Wonderland is the “Mushroom Forest”, a massive forest consisting of huge mushrooms of all shapes and sizes making normal trees seem like mere bushes. It is in this forest that the wise Caterpillar resides who donates at occasional basis a part of his forest to new age wanderers looking for Enlightenment though what they get to see is sometimes all but enlighting.

The Northern region of Wonderland is the queen’s domain, in the centre lies “the Queen’s Castle” which is surrounded by “the Queen’s Grounds” with the most red of red roses one can imagine. It has remained a well kept secret how these roses became this red. To the west lies her private “Queen’s Labyrinth” which has been a favourite punishment and test of the Queen for those that ran into her broken rage. Witnesses have seen and heared a beast wandering in the Labyrinth but there is yet one man who has live to tell if it really exists.

South-East of the Queen’s Domain is the “Land of Fire and Brimstone”, a barren and apocalyptic place which noone dares to thread. The fire and fumes are too much for a mere mortal to wander through and thus it is said that this is the place where Hell touches the known world. Whether or not this is true remains unknown and only Narm Dietell, who dared to get into the fiery waste, can tell us… but he has yet to return from this dreaded place. Not far from the Land of Fire and Brimstone rages a fiersome “Whirlwind” since day and age. A long, long time ago it erupted out of nowhere and it never dissappeared. Scholars and scientists have bent over the problem and nature of the windy beast and have concluded that the atmospheric nature of the surroundings is too ideal for whirlwinds. Normal folk however refute the ideas and pose questions on how it is possible that things come in and out of the top of this whirlwind and how a house can remain in the centre of it… inhabitated. To the far west of Wonderland lies the astrologers heaven; a highly advanced and architectural wonder of a size that matches 40 giant leaps called “The Looking Glass” stand tall. Used to observe the stars and skies it is a place of science, yet things are happening that science cannot explain. It appears that due to the queer method of construction and the shear power behind it’s installation scientists and engineers have involuntarily created some kind of wurmhole to an unknown and very different place “Behind the Looking Glass” and they are getting ready to explore this new region.

Character Maps

  • Mr Lover’s Goat
    This map should be a mountained area with a small barn somewhere in which the goat wanders.
  • Queen
    Castle — Castle with card-references (see character sketches).
  • Miller
    Mill that functions as an inquisitors hide-out.
  • Princess
    Something which involves a high tower of matresses stacked on eachother (this is from the fairy tale).
  • Wizard
    The city of Oz… make it a semi-ghost town where the green of the emerald creates a oozing, eery kind of atmosphere.
    Wizards Tower — Place full of experimental stuff, Frankenstein’s liar meets Satanic Temple.
  • Peter
    Hunting Grounds in a winter forest setting
  • Little Red
    Forest I
  • The Forester
    Forest II with the Forester Cabin (remember he’s an ex-Nazi)
  • Grandma
    Grandma’s House
  • The Witch
    Swamp with gingerbread house like Blair Witch
  • The Wolf
    Forest III
  • The 7 Goats
    Goat House — House (“the Singleheimer Schmidt House”) with a playground in the midst of a dark forest. Music: Ignite’s – John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Sadness Remix.
    Hell — I need to think this over, it needs to be a hell we haven’t seen before, suggestions are very welcome.
  • The 3 Pigs
    Map with the Three Houses
    and one big house map.
  • Rapunzel
    Tower (get into her tower via the outside and then get out through the door… while snipers are on the top.)
  • Snow White
    Dwarven House and ajacent scary forest
  • The 7 Dwarves
    Dwarven Mine — dark and bleak mine please.
    River Styx — look at mythical explanations for this one.
    The Gate to Hell — a map which is broken up in two or more seperations involving a gate.
  • Prince
    No map yet
  • Dorothy and Toto
    The Yellow Brick Road — The only thing that’s bright is the rundown yellow brick road (ie road in bad condition with surroundings to match the rest)
    Kansas — Tornado town (lots of wind in map!) with possible a floating house inside tornado. This needs to have a dreamy feel to it.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    Dungeon Prison — with rooms of hay and gold, chains… a medieval prison.
  • Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty’s Wall — Wall of China-like devide between a lush and scroched land
  • Jack
    Beanstalk Race (Race up the beanstalk. Along the path there are “beans” acting like spawnflags, if you claim a bean you will respawn from there, unless someone else claims it in the meantime, when you die. Player who is first wins.) This basically is a big beanstalk, the map goes all the way up… good luck making it.
  • The Giant
    Castle resting on beanstalk, 1930’s mobster headquarters.
  • Little Thumb
    Hell2 — Resembles a forest at the edge of Hell, death and decay are everywhere, darkness, stench, rats… Think of a Hellraiser forest so to speak.
  • The Booted Cat/Puss
    No map yet
  • Ugly Ducklin’
    The Pond — The Farmer’s House (and surroundings)
  • Alice
    A Crazy Teaparty — Underground map which involves tunnels leading to a large room in which a very large teadish is resting. You’ll be able to fight on the table and knock over stuff. (the table is the ring)
    House of Cards — 1800’s Asylum
    Labyrinth (changes) — Scary labyrinth originated from a twisted mind (make it chaotic)
  • Peter Pann
    Neverland, now this needs explanation… In Disney Neverland is beautifull cause Pann isn’t matured, here Neverland has been overtaken by Pann after Wendy was killed. It’s dark, rainy and rundown… for people who’ve seen “Lord of the Flies”. This is the kind of island I’m thinking about (the island from the Beach when things get fucked up is also suitable). Add treehouses, boobytraps and the likes.
  • Hook
    Hook’s Boat
  • The Frog King
    Garden — Big garden with a large fountain to obtain the golden ball from.
    Dojo — if you don’t know what i mean: matrix dojo, one room map, fighting only.
  • Hansle and Gretel
    The Oven — Same theme as the Witches House: swamp area, think more of the Mississipi swamp area with a large factory that has a very big oven.
  • Cynderella
    King’s Ball (get out of castle before midnight)
  • Little Match
    Winter Town
    Burning Town (torch residents and their houses)
  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  • Pinocchio
    The puppetry – In short: a nice theatre
  • Gepetto
    His Atelier
    Moby Dick – Inside the whale
  • Goldy-Locks
    Thieves Hideout
  • The 3 Bears
    Their House — Think 3’s!!
  • The Ratcatcher
    Hamelen — Medieval German City
  • Little Mermaid
    The Sea — Provide a small area where players spawn and get oxygen or whatever.
    Underwater City — (ruined atlantis) Don’t think captain nemo and sci-fi, think more of rusty underwater harbours
    Harbour — The Half Life 2 Harbour gives a nice example, only more rust and more pollution and smoke
  • Bremer Stadsmusicanten
  • Snow White and Rose Red
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Their Castle
  • Brave Little Tailor
    The Shop — Pyschodelic Extraganza
  • The Gingerbread Man


We had several modellers at our disposal and I myself also tinkered with modelling. Below are some of the models created by me and my colleagues.

Music & SFX

Will consist of childrens and nursery songs ripped out of context. The win and lose songs are the childrens “mocking” songs (example: “na nana na naaaaaa naaaaaaa”)

We had a couple of people working on the auditive part of AOFT. Music was mostly done by a very talenten and friendly guy called IgniteTheSky who made a lot of original music for AOFT.

Later in the development of the game another very talented guy entered the team, he specialised in the SFX-area of the sound but also made a couple of songs for us. His involvement in the game got cut short however due to strain from real work, we didn’t get to keep his work however. Most of the music he made for us came from his own personal work but he also made a couple of songs especially for us.

In our search for score and soundtrack people we also got a request from death-metal band SickSouls who were willing to donate music to AOFT for use. They were very eager to have their music played in AOFT and became fans of the game. They made two songs for us which can be listened to below.

And then there was Ian Davis who was the sole (vocalist) for AOFT. He’s a very talented and funny guy who made a lot of voices for the game.


Music in All Out Fairy Tale will have three functions:

  1. Fight Music:
    Hard, heavy music used in game when fighting.
  2. Theme Music:
    Each character has their own theme which is also used within game.
  3. Game Music:
    All music for menu’s, intro, public relations.

Musical Score by Jason “Ignitesky” Roberts & SickSouls

Sound Effects

Below are a couple of voices made by a, then very young, very talented former team-member Ian “Lizard-Pudding” Davis


I don’t know how many visitors our site pulled since Google Analytics didn’t exist yet and site traffic was more a hassle then anything but I do think we had a fair share of underdog likability. We spent a bit of time into the marketing part of AOFT by presenting fairly frequent updates and giving people something “extra” on the holidays.

We were posted on a couple of mod-blogs and got into headlines a few times with favourable comments. We also had a page on Moddb, which exists to the day, but I found the community to be a tad trollish to take seriously. There were people, ofcourse, who liked the concept and were eager to see it but the enormous competition of better equiped teams made winning with our team very had to do. It didn’t stop me however from trying to forfill my goal.

Ads and Trailers

  • When an ugly ducklin gets big…
  • But grandma, you have such big…
  • Shaken, not stirred… (humpty dumpty)
  • Never say never (for pann)
  • They say some people don’t like fairies,… but we honestly don’t understand why.
  • In a world of reality there’s a time for fantasy.

Concept Documents

All Out Fairy Tale aims to be a first person beat’m up modification with shoot’m up elements for Unreal Tournament 2004. Set in a Fairy Tale setting characters fight eachother in multiplayer battle in the Enchanted World with the use of melee, weapons, special moves and other combat.

All Out Fairy Tale will, in later development, become, next to the multiplayer part, a singleplayer game in which players choose a character who’s storyline is followed during battles with goal to reach the final boss and receive the reward.

All Out Fairy Tale aims to be a mod outside of the flock, who wished to renew the genre and add new and daring elements. Our goal is to create a game that is fun to play and will raise eyes. Everything that comes from this is a welcome addendum.

Pre-game config

After the basic loading screens you will be able to start multiplayer matches, join multiplayer matches or play the tutorial level. You are also capable of changing your options and perform normal and standard procedures in games.

Screen Setup

Once you commenced the multiplayer game you will be enables to either join a server or start a new server. If you select the ‘join’ server you will follow the gameplay of the serveradministrator and be presented with the character selection screen. After picking your fighter you will be able to select the prefered (if any) team you wish to be part of. Once this option is chosen you will enter play.

When starting a new game you will have the option between several playmodes.

  • All Out War
    In this mode you will be presented with all options of gameplays presented either randomly or by vote. Voting will be done by giving a list of maps ordered by gameplay-type.
  • Selective Battles
    In this mode you will be able to select from the different gameplay-types available in the game.

You will be presented with a final option that gives you a capability to select the total amounts of matches played in that type of map and the total amount of possible rounds for the fighters. A match is each play between start and scoreboard, a round is each play between start and deaths.

After all this the game commences and you will fight a total of 3 rounds, afterwards the victor will be chosen via the scoreboard which is seperated in both team-victors and personal-victors. When all selected matches are played you will have the top 3 winner of that match (which consisted of several rounds).

After this we return back to the playmode selection screen and/or the character selection screen.

Purpose of the Game

The purpose of the game is to be victor of tournament fights. As stated above each play consists of a selected amount of matches with a selected amount of rounds for each figther. Once the selected matches are depleted a victor will be asigned.

As a player you will be able to reach this goal by putting your adversaries into either a KO or a death state with them being unable to respawn. Each succesfull KO or Kill grants points as well as the use of tactics, weapons, special ability and moves and fighting. Deciding a winner depends on total amount of kills/ko’s and is added by skillbonusses which are calculated by hits and use of tactics and special moves/abilities. It is therefore possible that someone with a lower kill ratio wins the match, but as these kill ratio’s are granted much more points it’s very hard.

How combat works

Combat works in a first person 3D environment with you having either limbs or weapons at your disposal like in any first person shooter. Sword fighting and basic melee will be much like Morrowind but we hope to advance it a bit more. Weapon combat is like any other fps out there.

Each strike or blow decreases the stamina and health of your adversary which will decrease until he is either KO or dead.

Once KO’ed or Dead the players get a new chance to return in play. (See “Respawning”)

When time runs out the winners and losers are decided.


Weapons consist of non-bodile related items that inflict pain or discomfort upon the adversary. It’s most commenly held within the hands or in special cases is part of the body.

    Differences of Weapons

  • Character Weapons: Weapons which a fighter has upon the start of a fight, these weapons can be dropped, lost or kept by the player. Once dropped they can be picked up and used by most other players.
  • General Weapons: Weapons that are lying around in maps which can be picked up at will by the player. Once dropped they can be picked up by most other players
  • Personal Weapons: Personal weapons that cannot be used by other players and cannot be dropped or lost, they are usually part of the character.
  • There are several non bodile weapon types which inflict a different kind of damage and have a different kind of ammo and handling. A list of damage categories:
  • Hand-to-Hand: Are bodile weapons that inflict pain on striking or falling. Don’t require reload but are generally weaker.
  • Piercing: Weapons that make damage by piercing or making something pierce through the body. Must be either reloaded or not, dependant on which weapon is used.
  • Bludgeoning: Weapons that make damage by crushing weapon on the body. Do not require a reload but are often slow in use due to the weight.
  • Slashing: Weapons that make damage by slashing the body.
  • Explosive: Weapons that make explosions which damage the body. Are usually one time weapons that cannot be reloaded.
  • Magical: Weapons that make damage through magic. Do not require a reload but are limiting due to the height of stamina and powers of the player which uses them
  • Misc: Weapons that damage by other means. Dependant on weapon.

There are other subcathegories of weapons which could prove useful in identifying the weapons origen.

  1. Melee:
    Either hand-to-hand or short ranged weapons such as claws, swords, daggers which are held in hands or on feet.
  2. Pistols:
    Are mostly piercing weapons such as revolver, pistols etc which are held in hands and require a simple trigger of the finger to send the projectile to the adversary.
  3. Shotguns:
    Piercing weapons of a larger caliber such as shotguns, riotguns, KARs, etc Are usually two handed piercing weapons much like pistols.
  4. Semi-Auto:
    Weapons such as uzi’s which are a combination of pistols, sotguns and automatics.
  5. Auto:
    Heavy Calibre percing weapons which spit out numerous trajectiles towards an adversary such as machine guns etc. Ar usually so powerfull they need two hands.
  6. Ranged Hand:
    Items which need to be thrown by bodile force. Consists of rocks, nades, molotov’s, darts etc. which are usually held in hands.
  7. Simple Ranged Weapons:
    Simple ranged weapons such as bows, spitdarts etc which need bodile force to get the projectile somewhere.
  8. Advanced Ranged Weapons:
    Advanced ranged weapons who require a trigger of the finger and travel more miles then usual pistols, shotguns or automatics. Sniper rifles for example.
  9. Heavy Duty:
    Are both ranged, sentry or other weapons that are very heavy in damage such as bazookas, guided missiles etc.
  10. Exotic:
    Weapons such as gasoline, taser etc which inflict a different kind of damage either upon impact or due to external factords and are not to be placed in the above cathegories.
  11. Items:
    Weapons that aren’t considered as weapons but can be used as such like bottles, chairs, vases etc

Game Realism

Due to the nature of All Out Fairy Tale the weapons need not to be realistic in such a sense that exact windspeeds, ballistics and the likes are used. We would like to keep the realism intact though in such a way that a normal gun such as the magnum 45 has about the same power as the real gun. A gun which is altered in a Fairy Tale way doesn’t need to be restricted to real life realism and thus it is also possible to have a berringer look a like fire a blow which can blow an adversary 10 meters away. The amount of realism will be specified next to the weapon.

Damage Roster

0%…….10%………………….30%……………………50%…………………(40-)70%…………………. 90%…………………….100%

Knives won’t kill instantly. They will wound the player which will require a bandage. If the player does not bandage he will slowly bleed to death. In certain cases it will be possible to twist the knife so bandaging will be useless but this will be a 10% chance of success.

Swords are much like knives but are more powerfull. A jab will inflict both bleeding and possible loss of limbs. Dependant on the force of the jab the health of the player will decrease until it reaches 0 and causes death.

Bludgeoning weapons such as clubs will make concussions rather then instant death. A well hit club can kill the player but the blow must be targeted well and have enough force. Mostly a club will make a player KO, dependant on force, tagetted region and amount the club will inflict damage. Aim on the head and there will be a 2% chance of a skull bash, 98% will result in KO at one time or another. Several weak blows to the head will cause dizzyness. Hits on the body will decease the stamina and will make the player immobile (much like other weapons but more effective) after which the player can be killed better.

It is possible to render a person immobile without KO, this way the person will lie on the floor and view what happens with him being unable or disabled to move normally. Whether or not this will happen is calculated.

Shots to the head will have a 97% of instant kill, the remaining 2% will render the player immobile, the lasting 1% will make them mobile but severely bleeding without change of recovery except for a magical one ofcourse.

Hand to Hand Combat

Next to the information presented above we might be able to increase the melee battle besides kicks with kicks, headbutts and throws. These will inflict their own damage, mostly bludgeoning upon the player.

  • Punches & Kicks
    With the use of the Alternate Function button you can switch between kicks and punches. Left Mouse will act as the left hand and right mouse will act as the right hand. Like Melee Combat you’ll have different punches or kicks when performing different clicks
  • Throws and Pushes
    When in extreme close nature you can perform throws and punches upon a player. A manhunt kind of indication will be given whereas you can perform left or mouse click (only in hand to hand) to perform a throw or a push
  • Headbutts
    It might be possible to use the reload function (block in hand to hand) for a headbutt when in close range like the above throw and punches.

Special Moves

Special Moves are special abilities which need to be triggered in order te be performed. It will drain stamina when used and needs a certain amount of stamina and magic in order to work.. Special moves can only be perfomed when no weapon is used, ie in hand to hand melee. When performing a special move you press the asigned key after which a cross will appear on screen, depending on which move you want you need to press the asigned keys to guide yourself down the ‘special moves tree’ towards the final destination. The more powerfull the SM the longer you will have to press keys. The cross can be compared to a menu in such a way, any direction points to a lower level which points to another level. This way you can create special moves that require the following keys: north, east, south, west, west, south after which the special move will be activated. When performing the keys you will see the animation made for this play. You are vulnarable during the performance of this key so be thoughtfull or quick!

Special Abilities

Special Moves are like special moves with the sole difference that they can be asigned to one keypress and can be used indefinatly. These include flying, healing, regeneration, underwaterbreathing etc. These special abilities won’t drain anything since they are in the nature of the fighter using them. The are weak and mostly either defensive or plain usefull.

Fatalities/Death Moves

Later in development we will try to incorporate fatalities much like the Mortal Kombat series did them. This will be achieved by making use of the Man Hunt principle and some boundaries as to when you can perform them. A fatality will only be able to be done when

  1. The opposing character is either dizzy or paralysed.
  2. The performing character is within a certain range, after which you will see Manhunt like indications as to when you can perform the fatality.
  3. The performing character has to have full rage (optional: needs to be discussed)

When all these are valid the character will be able to perform the fatality much like the normal special moves. With several fatalities placed on seperate levels.


Items are non-weapon and mostly non-deadly/damaging objects which can be picked up, stored in inventory and used by the player. They usually consist of items that aid the fighter in their combat and replace the special abilites and moves of others. Some examples of items are oxygen masks, gasmasks, healthpacks, potions etc.


Taunts are curses aimed towards a certain player which will increase the rage of the other player, when one uses a taunt when someone is performing a special move within a certain radius then he will have to restart his special move.


Sentry weapons or items: These are items or weapons that cannot be picked up and have a variety of uses. They can consist of gunturrets, videoscreens, healtstations etc. and are activated or used with the Function Key.

The Challange Button: This button is mainly used to challenge another player to a duel. Must be clicked when viewing a person he or she will then challenge the player (this will be announced to everyone by the announcer). When pressed you will have the opposing player in view at all time, like some kind of lock-on. Once the player is at a certain point (ie out of range by moving out of XX radii) the challenge will be over. Players have the choice whether or not they get into a challenge. A challange is cancelled by pressing the same button when challenged.

Inventory System

All Out Fairy Tale uses an inventory system much like Diablo whereas each weapon or item requires a certain amount of space in the backpack of the player. When the player can’t add anything to the backpack it’s full after which weapons or items need to be removed.

The inventory consist of the following screens:

  • Play-Screen: If possible this small screen will show you what is going in when you have the inventory open.
  • Current Weapon: The weapon which is currently in your hands.
  • Inventory: A 10×10 grid in which weapons or items can be placed. You can asign buttons numerical buttons 1-0 and ³°_ to several weapons or items. Once full the player can’t pick up anything anymore. Each weapon/item has his own place in a grid, with heavy weapons taking up more place then light weapons.
  • Items/Ability: X seperate places where special items can be put, for magic users it is possible to put spells in these places. Characters with special abilities have the amount of special abilities they have put in the item places. Hence characters without abilities can put more items in these spots. These items can also be asigned to the keys 1 to 0 and ³°_
  • Character: Your character portrait.
  • Accept Button: Accepts changes
  • X and _ Button: Closes and Minimises.

The Aiming System

The aiming system is much like other games with some exceptions. Default setting for the aiming system is ironsights. This signifies that using certain weapons effectively will need you to right click on the mouse to put the sights in front of your eyes, after which you can shoot and aim effectively. In short there are two options: Crosshairs ON: Like described above, ranged weapons have sights that you will have to pull up with rightmouse click to use effectively. When not aiming you have your weapon hipped and aimin is much harder although still centered. When in aim we could incorporate free-aim to make it more interesting. In hip you won’t have crosshairs. For normal weapons there will be no crosshair either.

Crosshairs OFF: The same as above with the only exception that you will have a crosshair available where previously there was none. It in fact doesn’t change a thing. Right mouse aim is still enabled. Crosshairs are either pixies, flies or will o’ the whisps.

To avoid abuse we will incorporate penalties in ther accuracy of the weapon when walking or running. Much like some other games, the weapon will say much more then normally.

Bandaging and Dizzyness

  • Bandaging:
    When pain is inflicted upon the body the character will start to bleed, not responding to a bleeding body will often result into slowly dying. Bandaging the wound is the sole solution next to a magical one to solve this. After a succesfull bandage bloodlevel will very slowly increase. A second bandage will require more reations as you bleed faster and faster. A total of 3 bandages is physcally possible without magical healing. A failed bandage results in bleeding to immobility and eventually death.
  • Dizzyness:
    When striked with a bludgeoning or hand to hand weapon on the head you will, dependant on the force of the blow, get dizzy. Shaking the dizzyness off is the only solution but it’ll leave you volnerable as your vision and controls will be severely changed. Continues blows during dizzyness results in a KO and most likely an eventual death.. A Manhunt kind of system will be introduced to perform Fatalities.

Death and KO’s

Death occurs when a players hitpoints or blood level reach -1. KO is reached when someones stamina is below -1. Is is possible, in time, to get out of KO but it’s undoubtfull since the adversary would rather have the finishing blow upon you rather then walk away and let you resurface. If so you’ll get out of KO with a special KO meter which requires presses of keys (very hard though, much like Mortal Kombats smash the board game). Once revived you will slowly regain your stamina.

NOTE: Although running and performing special moves drains the stamina of a person it’s undoubtfull that ALL stamina is lost during these acts. Being hit with low stamina due to this ofcourse makes one more vulnerable to hits and thus has more chance to get into a KO


Respawning in essence is impossible in tournament games, a loss is a loss no matter what but rather then being removed from game completely after losing the set amount of rounds you will have a max of 2 chances for retaliation. Upon each death you will be sent to either a special part of the map or the general map and be transformed in Tin Soldiers. These non-combattive soldiers have only a musket and limited hopping movement.

In order to return to play and have your extra chance you will have to find a certain amount of items or kill another Tin Man within a period of time. If you are killed by either a Tin Man or a normal player you will be put on the bench untill the total match is over.

When you achieve your goal you will be granted one more round extra, if you fail again you’ll have one last final chance or respawn, succeed again and you’ll have had a total of max 5 rounds in order to prove yourself.

Winning and Losing

The winner, either group of personal, is chosen from the players and is the one who has the most points in total. The losers will be all the rest.


Personal Scores.

  • Kill/KO
  • + 100 Points
  • Respawn
  • – 100 Points
  • Special Kill
  • + 200 Points
  • SpawnKill
  • – All Points
  • Death
  • + 0 Points
  • Objective
  • + 150 Points
  • For each # of Combo’s
  • + 5 Points
  • For each # of Mega Combo’s
  • + 10 Points

Team Scores (only applicable when in a team). Big difference with the above is that team scores are the sum of all personal scores.

  • Kill/KO
  • + 100 Points
  • Respawn
  • – 200 Points
  • Special Kill
  • + 200 Points
  • SpawnKill
  • – All Points
  • Death
  • + 0 Points
  • TeamKill
  • – Half Points
  • Objective
  • + 150 Points
  • For each # of Combo’s
  • + 1 Points
  • For each # of Mega Combo’s
  • + 5 Points

The Fairest of them All

The player with the most points of all the people playing will be “the fairest of them all”. The player managing to kill the Fairest will get +500 points. When he or she kills the same fairest in a consecutive way (for the time he IS ‘The Fairest’) he will get an addition +100 points to the 500 for each try.
In short, when a player can kill The Fairest a total of 4 time before becoming Fairest, or someone else becoming it, he or she will get 500+[100+500]+[200+500]+[300+500] = 2600 points

Rounds and Times

Each match consists of a minimum of 3 to 10 rounds and a option to have infinite rounds. After each match the victor will be chosen and you will have the option to restart.

Each match has a total of the times of the number of rounds. If one rounds last 10 minutes, then a match set to 3 rounds max can last a maximum of 30 minutes. A game set to infinate rounds lasts untill the players call it a quit.

Bonusses and Penalties



Walking is the basic movement of a character and can be done both horizontally as vertically as sideways. Walking does not drain stamina as it is slow.

Running is walking with an increase of speed. During a run stamina will drain slowly untill the fighter is exhausted and can’t do anything but walk.

Crouching is kneeling down upon place, when ones tries to walk in this situation you will move forward like a duck. Running in this possition is disabled. Melee is limited to the use of hands, weapon use remains the same.

Proning is lying down upon the floor, when one moves in this situation he will crawl on over the floor. Running is also disabled in this position. Melee is disabled completely as well as some weapons such as bows are disabled.

Swimming is movement within a liquid, movement is more slow and difficult. Combat is hard and many weapons are useless while swimming. Magic cannot be used under water. A special meter (respitory meter) is asigned when swimming underwater which slowly decreases unless one searches for air. Upon depletion of the meter the character will quickly fall into KO/Death as the health or blood meter decreases rapidly. Resurfacing while suffocatin will make the bloodmeter refill instantly but requires the stamina meter to refill as well. An example of this can be found in DeusEX.

Flying is movement in the air, everything works when flying but one should be carefull with his stamina as a sudden decrease of stamina might make the player fall to his death. A special meter is asigned for items that make people fly, upon depletion of the aviation meter the machine will fail and the player will plummeth to death.

Climbing is the movement over vertical objects such as walls. One can climb a fair amount before stamina gets reduced and you risk falling to the floor. An untrained or unequiped player can climb a wall that’s his own height or lower. A trained climber can go higher.

Blood, stamina and magic

Each player has his own blood, stamina, magic and other meters. Besides the respetory and aviation meter noted above there are 3 main meters.

  • Blood Meter aka Health Meter
    Crucial to survival this meter depletes with each hit a character gets. One can bleed and slowly die or one can get enough blows to get killed. Blood Meters slowly refill to the original point when bandaging (Example: When player bandaged with 40% health left, anbd lost 20% when bandaging, the meter will slowly refill back to 40%). Having -1 on the meter equals Death.
  • Stamina Meter
    Almost as crucial as the Health Meter this meter keeps an eye on the stamina of a character. Running around, jumping and other strengenous behaviour depletes the meter to a max of 70% after which the players can’t run or jump with less or no ease. Overusing special moves causes a maximum decrease to 95% (dizzyness). Having -1 on the meter will cause a KO.
  • Magic Meter aka Special Move Meter
    Only available to those who have magical or special move capabilities this meter decreases with each use of special moves. When the meter is depleted no more special moves are possible. The meter slowly refills itself.
  • Rage Meter
    Optional in the games development is rage. When the player gets hit a certain amount of time he or she will have an increased rage. When the player reaches the pivot of his rage he will do double damage, undepletable stamina and be invulnerable during a specific period of time. After the rage passes the player will have zero stamina.

NOTE: Each meter can be refilled instantly with suitable magic or potions.


We will try to achieve voice communication with this game. It still needs to be decided if any other communication ingame is necessary. Most likely we’ll try to achieve a special key which will, like other games, be asigned for Team and General communication. Team Communication remains within the team. Norma will be directed to everyone else. Taunting is not considered as a communication.

To aboiv typekilling we will have the Jedi Academy kind of method of placing a text balloon above the head. No extra measures will be taken since it will ask for abuse.


  • Team Battle
    Set up Team and fight till death.
  • All Out War
    This is a basic Deathmatch Style of gameplay in which the fighters, teamed up or solitary, fight eachother for the most points. There are no rules and every aspect of the game is there.
  • Objective Based
    Character Dependant and General Non-Dependant Gameplay/Maps. Character Dependant. These are maps that are specifically made for a character, can be of any of the gametypes (from All Out War to any of the below), the big difference is that this map is specifically for a character… for instance: Grandma’s House, Rapunzel’s Tower, Snow White’s House etc.
  • The Objective Based Gameplay Types. “Errand” or “Delivery” —
    Get a certain person or item from or to a certain place. The player who gets the item there first wins. You can ofcourse battle to get the item. Example: ‘Little Red’s Journey’.
  • The Race
    Get from point A to B or from point A to Z by passing B to Y to get to the finish. Example:- Race up the beanstalk. Along the path there are “beans” acting like spawnflags, if you claim a bean you will respawn from there, unless someone else claims it in the meantime, when you die.
  • Run!
    Something is behind you: run! and make sure it doesn’t get you. Example: ‘Jabberwocky Stage’.
  • Capture
    Capture a certain person or item and hold him within the specified container. Example: ‘Witches’ Oven’.
  • The Siege
    One side attacks as the other defends the chosen place. Example: ‘3 Pigs House’.
  • Frenzy
    Something is walking or attaching itself to the player, it’s a timebomb ready to go off. Get rid of it or get caught in the explosion and lose. The last one that remains wins.
  • The Plague
    Basically a version of Tag’m. One player has the plague, he needs to tag the others to spread the plague. The tagged players get the plague as well. Scattered about are antidotes (one each time) for those who want to be healed. Non-infected players can defend themselves from the infected players.
  • The Hunt
    You’ve got the hunters and the hunted, the hunters need to get the hunted and kill them X times before the timer runs out. Prey that kills a hunter becomes a hunter, a killed hunter become prey. Get Bambi: team or single: Bambi is somewhere in the forest, find him and kill ‘m. Beware though, he’s one tough mother.

These are special bonus levels that will be available either in singleplayer only or due to certain triggers in multiplayer.

  • First Blood
    “Somewhere in the forest resides Rammz (aka Bambi), but don’t be fooled; after his mother’s death he’s got a sore to settle” —
    Kill or be killed by Bambi, one monster of a NPC fighter.
  • Old Hag
    “Get the old hag, nag, nag, nag!”Hiding in the forest is the Old Hag, find her, keep up to her and kill her.
  • Ni! No! No!! No!!
    A map full of fluffy bunny rabbits that go berserk when someone attacks. Point is surviving their terror by finding higher ground or shelter. Shooting on a bunny will make them more agitated and powerfull and respawning occurs instantly (out of a rabbit hole!) Scattered around the level are triggers that activate their rage and anger… de-activation can be done only after 3 minutes. Winner is the one who survived.
  • Mr. Lover’s Goat”
    Running around the map is Mr.Lover’s Goat, kill him and claim the corpse. Be warned he’s one tough mother in a mountainous area he knows and wanders through very well!
  • Bonus Round I
    A map with straw fighters in a cornfield, destroy as much as possible within the certain amount of time. Winner is one who mows the most straw fighters.
  • Bonus Round II
    Destroy a car within a certain amount of time. Winner is the one who has done most damage.
  • Big Bad Wolf
    Get Little Red (and her team) safely to grandma but beware of the Wolf
  • “The Golden Ass”
    Donkey stands somewhere in this level, players need to pin down the donkey, nail the tail on his ass and collect the gold coins he shits. The player with the most gold coins wins.
  • “Holle Bolle”
    In this level Holle Bolle Gijs sits, he sucks up everything that appears in front of his mouth. Make sure you lure your enemies near his mouth so they are sucked up. The last one standing wins.
  • “Pigs”
    3 pigs need to defend their three homes from being destroyed, the unequal nature of this match is solved by making the map like this so the pigs have more help then they have. They installed gun-turrets in their house, can activate bots and automated guns, activate several boobytraps and close doors. Perhaps even trap opponents in certain areas.
  • “The Oven”
    The Oven is a map where you need to trap the opponents in your oven by either luring them into it or capturing them with your capturedevice.
  • “Frenzy”
    Item needs to be taken or removed from head to head or to a place before time runs out.
  • Errand/Delivery Frenzy
    Deliver, alone or with your team, a package or item from point A to point B. Possibilities are that there are also point C, D, E,…
  • Retrieve Frenzy
    Get item that is somewhere in the map and then claim it your before time runs out.
  • Capture
    “…the hag (witch) …the stag (bambi) …the nag (stephsister) …the lag”
    Capture item/items and keep it in possession till the end of the round… also (for items) the team with the most items wins.
  • RUN!!!!!!!!!
    Something (demon dogs, vogelrock, etc) is behind the players, get from point A to B by avoiding obstacles without being captured or killed.
  • Explosive
    Players have a bomb in their hands which will explode at a certain point in time. When it does so the player who gets killed is the loser, the player who held the bomb the longest is the winner. When the bomb explodes it will explode in a radius, everyone in the radius gets killed but will rematch in a smaller area of the map with hideouts etc.
  • Retaliation/Reaction –
    Certain players are the hunters that need to get X kills before the timer runs out and the prey become hunters. When the global timer runs out the people with the most kills remaining wins.
  • Bonus Round
    Some classic examples of beat’m up bonus rounds, the one who has the most wins.

Beating the Cheaters

Cheating is something we don’t like so we will try to be innovative and creative in fighting them.

  • Spawnkilling

  • Spawning will be random and spawners will have a 10 second invulnerability. A few seconds before spawn the player can look in the vincinity for spawnkillers and prepare theirselves. Spawning will ofcourse only be possible after a successfull spawn (ie the tin soldier levels).
  • Spawnkillers are hard to fight, anyone shooting anyone within their spawninvulnerability will be turned in to a chicken (see below). Clever spawnkillers though need other measures and this needs to be dealt with by both mapper and more thought so please incorporate some measures. Let spawning be done in a secluded area much like Day of Defeat.
  • Put some kind of protection near the spawnarea.
  • Teamkilling

  • Reoccuring teamkilling (being +2 times) will turn the player into a chicken who can do nothing besides run around, be abused and quit. These chickens can’t be killed. Only after a plead and vote by team can chickens be turned to normal. The normal penalties will be given to teamkillers as described in the damage schemes.
  • Cheats

  • Will be taken on as the time comes and cheats become available.

Non Player Characters

Non Player Characters (NPC’s) are character you cannot play with, neither with a code nor with hacking. They are either part of a level as masked turret or a bot.

NOTE: None of these have been designed yet so don’t ask to model them please!!!

AI Characters

  • Mr. Lover’s Goat — Character from “Mr. Lover’s Goat” Bonus Round Runs and hops around, hard to kill.
  • Rammz — Character from the “First Blood” Bonus Round Bambi character with Rambo twist, very hard to kill, lots of firepower.
  • The Old Hag — Character from the “Old Hag” Bonus Round
  • Clings to a player and nags him to death. Get rid of her.
  • Jabberwocky — Character from the “Run!” Gameplay Type (Runs behind you to eat you.)
  • Zombie, Ghoul, Skeleton etc Basic, dumb cannonfodder.
  • Badger
  • Hook’s Croc Hunts for the player he targets until death.
  • The Tin Soldier Respawn character (see Respawning)
  • Tweedledee/Tweedledum
  • Little Bunny
  • Mother Cunicul
  • Card Soldier
  • Munchkin
  • The Caterpillar
  • Moby Dick
  • Mock Turtle
  • Griphinn
  • Little Lizard Bill
  • White/Red Knight
  • White/Red King
  • White/Red Queen
  • White/Red Pawn
  • White/Red Tower
  • White/Red Bishop
  • The March Hare
  • Holle Bolle Gijs
  • Donkey
  • Three Blind Mice (Dormouse, ? and ?)

7 Goats [based on 7 satanic sins, 7 layers of Hell, Deicide’s They Are The Children Of The Underworld]

In the creation of Anu were spawned
Born of the Earth before they’re known
Evade destruction in their world below
Their hands reach for our place outside
Bestow their suffering on human life
Nothing will stop them from re-entering
Return to hatred in the heart of man

They are the children of the underworld
Before the heavens they were on the Earth
To desolation and were never heard
“Cry rebirth”
Lords of the plague, seven are they
Born in the mountain of Mashu’s magic
Spirits of hate, they have no name
Withered and wicked, the liars in wait

In the creation of Anu were spawned
With deadly vengeance from the ancient gods
Their place on Earth, their race unknown
Beyond the knowledge of the elder ones
Provoking with our blood to rise
The seven offspring for the sacrifice
Reclaim the power of the crown of death
Enter the body from the temple dead

Story: These 7 innocent goats reside in their home when their mother goes to work. Resourcefull as they are they do not need any help with this and they are admired for it by the whole Enchanted Forest. Yet it is unknown to anyone that these 7 innocent goats are in fact Deities that have been released after the Gates to Hell were opened by the Dwarves. They are in the forest to ensure the quick release of all Demonic Deities to launch a full-scale attack on Heaven.

Map weapons or Item characters

NOTE: stories need to be changed

  • Jack Pumpkinhead
    Somewhere in the cornfield he resides on a pole, strapped and pissed for the punishment they stowed upon him. When hit, Jack Pumpkinhead will screech in a fierce rage which damages the wrong-do-er after which he turns around very fast and fires off Pumpkin Seeds (who do damage of course) as far as 10 meters.“Made to scare an old witch, she brought him to life instead, and he eventually found his way to the Emerald City. His pumpkinseeds don’t seem to always work well as far as brains go, and he must carve a new head when his old one gets soft or mushy, but his simple charm makes him a favorite of all his friends. Yet after being cursed by the Evil Witch Pumpkinhead hasn’t been all that friendly anymore.”
  • Professor H. M. Wogglebug —
    This character will refill all your stamina and magic bars when you touch him.“Once an ordinary small wogglebug (a common Ozian insect), he learned much when he made his home between the floorboards of a schoolhouse. (He gave himself the honorary degree of T. E., for “thoroughly educated.”) He was found by the schoolteacher and magically enlarged (hence his first initials, H. M., standing for “Highly Magnified”), and so he made his way to the Emerald City to become a lecturer. He is now dean of the Royal Athletic College of Oz.”
  • Tik-Tok
    This character can be wound up after which he runs to the most nearby polayer when he or she passes, timer goes down and then he explodes.“A copper man who runs by clockwork who is trustworthy and bright, he does have a problem with winding down at inopportune moments, and he is helpless until somebody winds him up again.”
  • The Shaggy Man“A wanderer from America, he came to Oz with Dorothy on one of her adventures, and was invited to stay. His simple philosophies of life and wanderlust make him a fine friend of Oz.”
  • Scraps; The Patchwork Girl“Made from a patchwork quilt to be the servant of a magician’s wife, she proved to be too independent and saucy for that, so she went off on her own instead. Her lightheartedness and silly rhymes make everyone glad to see her, but her manner can be trying at times.”
  • The Woozy“A strange animal, fond of eating honeybees, he’s the only one of his kind. He is made up entirely of cubes and blocks, with a square head and rectangular body. He is also a true and loyal friend, willing to help all in need.”
  • Sir Hokus Pokus; Yellow Knight of Oz“Found this gentle Medieval knight in an enchanted city, and once she rescued him he proved to be brave and loyal, rendering assistance to Ozma a number of times.”
  • Kabumpo“Royal elephant of the court of Pumperdink, a once small kingdom in the central Gillikin Country, Kabumpo has had his fair share of adventures in service to his country, and later to his friends in neighboring kingdoms and the Emerald City. His elegance and aloof demeanor do a poor job of hiding his loyalty and compassion.”
  • Jinnicky; The Red Djinn“Living in his own castle far from Oz, on the seacoast of Ev, Jinnicky has nevertheless become involved in a number of Ozian affairs. He is a good friend of Kabumpo’s, despite their good-natured bickering. Although encased in a red ginger jar, he is a powerful magician, who has even topped the Wizard once or twice. His hearty disposition causes all to meet him to become his friends.”

Hidden Characters

Hidden Characters are characters that are hidden and can be discovered by a certain trigger after which they come available to be playable characters.

  • The Judge
  • Super Nova
  • “Big Boss”

Special Characters

Special Characters are Team-Only Characters, ie character that can ONLY be played by Team-Members. They are usually more powerfull. These are fairytale characters we can’t use as of yet but are interesting to incorporate into maps, special moves etc.

  • Sinbad the Sailor
  • The Emperors Nightingale
  • The Blue Bird
  • The Wild Swans
  • Ali Baba and the 40 Robbers
  • The ‘herderin’ and the Chimney Sweaper
  • The Flying Horse
  • The Tin Soldier
  • Jungle Book
  • Gulliver
  • Merlin – the wizard
  • Alladin and the Wonderlamp – item
  • Mr Lover’s Goat
  • Peter and the Wolf
  • The Brave Little Tailer

Easter Eggs

There will be easter eggs praising games, books and movies that were an inspiration for AOFT. Games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Double Dragon. As well as The Land of Oz, Carnivale, the X-files and many others.

There will also be a lot of winks and nods to these media as well as hidden objects in maps

It would be fun to create a mythology of our own in the long run much like the rampant discussions about hidden characters and maps in games such as the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Foreseen Problems

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