Running is fun, except when you’re starting to build yourself up to it. Why not motivate you with our AR-Running program. Select one of our co-runners, put your gear on and start running.

You will co-run with one of our models, enticing you to catch them, follow them, motivating you during your run to keep going and teasing you with the reward upon completion. Select from either male, female or more exotic models from different races and builds, have them run clothed or nude.

Models will start the run with a motivational speech and frequently turn around to keep you motivated with any of their assets. Upon completion you will receive a reward.

Subscribers will get frequent updates to their sets; receiving new motivators, events, accessories and rewards.

“Never run alone again,
always run with the best.”


  • AR-Set
  • Programmer
  • Steady-cam
  • Video-editor
  • Models
  • Green-room

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