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Project Cancelled

This project was cancelled since the world has Gaslands, a new Thunder Road, Straight Road, a new Car Wars and all kinds of other similar games featuring apocalyptic car combat before I could finish this. There’s no point putting more effort in this seeing those games now exist.


“In the near future -when the world slowly recovers from one of the shortest but most bloody wars in history, the demise of the kapitalistic Western society with the hugest crash in history AND the results of the babyboom collide with the biggest exodus ever- a new kind of race came into existence. Based on a age-old racing game the streetracers race at dazzling speeds over roads, through villages and cities to reach their goal at all cost.
Endowed with some “exotic” rules of destruction, murder and mayhem this race has become the most infamous and notorious of them all. Plagued with multiple deaths, lawsuits and the ever-persueing police this race now reached the top of its popularity and will be broadcast by one of the few remaining TV-channels worldwide. This race is Carnatine 2000, stay off the streets or be in the race… if you live.”
“Western Society has collapsed, it’s kapitalistic structure crumbled after the crash of ’25 combined with environmental disasters and depleting oilreserves have made the once glorious west into a haven of anarchy, chaos and violence. Amidst the rubble of the glorious nations a new subculture emerged: rich and spoiled Easterners are now coming to the “Wild-West” for fun and kicks. With their sooped up vehicles of death and destruction they race through the old cities without regard for the safety and life of people. The “Carnatine-Race’s sole purpose is to get to the finish, by any means necessary… and it’s too bad if you happen to grab a few people in the process. Fed up with being the victims however, the westerners decided to join-in the race and since a few years the race is one of life and death. The prize: access to the Pleasuredome, the rich Walhalla in the Atlantic Sea where all your wishes come through.”

Carnatine, formerly known as Carnatine 2000, is the resurrection and perfection of vehicle combat. Based on the classic games such as Quarantine, Carmageddon and Interstate 76 (and to lesser extent -mainly cause I didn’t play these- ?? and ??). You are part of the biggest race in the century. The goal of the race is either to finish first, destroy all the others or get the most points in destroying and killing pedestrians and other dwellings.

Your fully customizable car can be augmented with defensive and offensive weapons as well as speed, armor and other special additions. Winning races give you credits with what you can buy these bonusses and additions as well as “pimping your ride” into a custom mobile of vengeance and slaughter.

There are several racing tracks and/or levels that also feature triggerable traps and occurrences. If I would have a say the whole game would be developed much like Burnout Paradise seamlessly integrating multiplayer and single player gameplay. It will feature several game styles (race, drag, all out war, time, etc) so people can choose which type of game they want to play. Handling the car will be similar as most racing games but we’ll use headtracking so players can look around. Triggering a certain button will change head-tracking into the turret which certain weapons have.

— more information coming soon —

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