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Comics initially were the reason I got into drawing and illustration. I wanted to go to art school in order to make my passion of drawing into something concrete so I could draw comics. Later in life however I saw there would be more opportunity in animation so things diverted a bit. Comics were put on the sideline for movies and animations.

Today however I find myself back to my roots and with enough ideas and vigor to at least attempt to create some comics. The comic book I wrote back in the day is lost unfortunately (unless I find it on some of the floppy disks I still have) but there’s plenty of ideas to create something from.

Here are a couple of ‘m:

Conquest of Happiness

In a world where joy is a memory, where the laughter of children is a foreign sound, where the musical notes fail to bring joy and pollution and sorrow fill the air. Two brave people venture to the stars in an attempt to bring back hope to humanity, to vanquish sadness and fear. The conquest of happiness.

Conquest of Happiness is a 32-page one-shot black and white science fiction comic that will give you hope… or will it?

Crimson Skies

Harry Meretzky is a nerd who just started his college adventure until on one faithful night he gets hit in the head with a shard from a meteor that changes the world. Strange ghostlike creatures appear and turn an already chaotic world even deeper into chaos.

A comedic comic book series reminiscent of Ghostbusters, Revenge of the Nerds, Porky’s, the Troma movies, Mad Magazine and other 80’s gems.

The Bulge

A group of people driving home in a bus get mysteriously lost in the Belgian Ardennes. Our group attempts to escape the forest to get back to safety but must battle the hardships of nature, unimaginable foes and their own sanity in the process. What is happening, why is it happening to them and who will get out alive or unscathed?

The Bulge will be a 13-volume mystery horror comic novel hybrid that will combine the art of a man slowly going mad with the ravings of a poetic storyteller eager to tell his tale.


A man and his family dies in a carcrash. In an unnamed world he is offered a deal: find and capture entities and he can reunite with his family. The catch: his soul must possess the bodies of others in order to exorcise the entities living in the real world. The problem: can this deal be trusted, who is he exorcising and what effect will he make on the person he possesses.

Possessor is an action comic with religious and paranormal elements reminiscent of Brimstone, Quantum Leap and Nowhere Man & The Prisoner.

Bullet Brains

A young couple on their way to the western territories get ambushed by a gang of ruthless robbers. A man – severely shot and killed – gets resurrected by a Shaman in order to act vengeance upon the men who brutally raped, tortured and killed his wife. His weapons… The bullets lodged that were put in his body by the gang members.

Bullet Brains is a hyper violent western comic book that will have 10 chapters in one hopefully big book. A story of revenge like many great spaghetti and other westerns of the past.

Snugglepuf Finkletwink

Meet Snugglepuf Finkletwink, a tiny gnome like creatures who on one sunny day has the experience of his life. Brave and determined he sets course to the human world in order to experience more of what he saw that day. It’s not easy however for a man of his stature to enter the human world, especially not if you wish to fondle the majestic breasts and bodies of their females.

Snugglepuf Finkletwink is a parody of many fantasy stories featuring plenty of nudity and gags mocking Harry Potter, The Dark Crystal and others.

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