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Since I was 15 years old I always wanted to play this trading card game by Steve Jackson games. I wasn’t able to get a hand on this little gem cause it was nowhere to be found and internet commerce was still in it’s primal stage, if existing at all in this country. 6 years later thanks to Ebay and the then still existing money I got my hands on the complete set of cards and a few bonusses. Finally, after all these years I would be able to play this game and enjoy myself much like I’ve did polaying Magic the Gathering. Alas I had noone to play with and the rules are a tad complicated.

Despite never having a truly satisfying online copy of Magic the Gathering I would like to see this come alive.

So imagine a nicely illustrated online multiplayer version with custom decks and ofcourse the inclusion of the Subgenius and Assassins add-ons.

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