Manges-Toutes started off as a casual game intended for IOS or Android but, thanks to my inability to program, has turned into a boardgame.

The basic premise of the game remains the same: You are a character whose sole purpose in the game is to eat food. That food however can be mixed and matched in one of the character’s 3 stomachs into a delicious dish worthy of a Ramsey-dish. Players will eat food, falling from the sky in a Tetris-like manner while dodging their opponents schemes to become the Master Chef.

Manges Toutes

Manges Toutes was the first game I tried to design and maybe one of the more ambitious ones. In Manges Toutes you play an alien visiting earth discovering all the wonderful foods earth has to offer. They are very hungry however and eager to try everything. Food will fall from the sky and can be selected by the player and seeing the alien has 3 stomachs all types of combinations can be made. Each successful combination is worth points. Beware of certain foods and combinations however because they might create blockages, expulsions or worse! There’s also fridges to store food and seagulls that steal!

The winner of the game is the first one to reach a pre-defined amount of points – between 25 and 100 according to my personal rules.

Manges Toutes is a simple tetris-light like combination game for young and old. The rules are simple and, due to the nature of food, very open. There’s enough skill and strategy involved to keep all ages invested.

Manges Toutes is a big game and the prototype has some elements that need to be changed. I used chits instead of thick cardboard items to reduce initial cost. Other elements can be made a little bit more fancy too depending on production cost.

Game Components: Rulebook – X Character, Trash, Level and Player Boards – Stomach, Point, Score, Trash and Birdy Tokens – Loads of Food Tokens – Special Ability Cards

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