I’ve always wanted to make movies, series and animations. The lack of time, budget and the sheer difficulty in making these things make it nearly impossible (for now).When I will have the time and money however…

The Illuminatus Trilogy

Conspiracy theories, occult mysteries and other nifty things and puts them into a coherent, smart work of fiction. From yellow submarines to LSD induced trips, from the Illuminati to Kennedy and space aliens.

The volume and scope of this book might make it a better candidate for a series however but I envision a dark, often funny but serious series much like True Blood and maybe Supernatural.

Paradise Lost & Regained

Another series, possibly a couple (mayhaps a trilogy) of movies about the classic books by Milton about the fall from grace. It’ll be difficult to film these books however without going into the cheesyness of angels and devils. Supernatural and, even though not really about angels and demons, Carnivale fix this marvelously by not introducing wings and other items that will make anything look like utter fakeness.

Dante's Inferno

This epic book by Dante about the journey of XX into the realms of purgatory, heaven and hell has always been a favourite by mostly everyone. By the lack of existing material on this classic novel it’s clear that fiming this book is an epic task.

The Suffering of Young Werther

This book by Goethe deals about a young guy who goes through a lot of crap/is an emo dick. Filming this great book decently would most likely produce a heart-breaking movie that will drive people to suicide and this in itself might be a good reason to make it.

The Last Beat of My Heart

Last Beat of My Heart is a 4 minute-long 2D-animation drawn on the song “last beat of my heart” by Devotchka.

— more information coming soon —

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