In “Rap God” you and your fellow players step into the roles of Rappers battling their verses against eachother in order to gain the most points and win the rapbattle.

During the game each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards depicting famous (and unfamous) raplyrics. These cards have a certain word ommited which can be filled in by the player during the game.

Players will, in turn, play a card from their hand and fill in the omission with a chosen word. The next player will play one of their cards and continue the rhyme by placing their card and either continueing with an existing verse or starting with a new verse.
Following players can then play their cards, and continue previous verses creating a rhyme. Continuing a verse will grant points to the player, the longer the rhyme the bigger the point total.

Amidst the cards are also filler cards (featuring words as “yeah” “uh” “uhuh” “mmh” “yaw” “yiiih” “ka-kaw”) players can use when they aren’t able to rhyme, allowing them a way out. These cards do not grant points.

There will be different verse card-types based on the different genres of rap (hip hop, rap, gangsta, etc) and will differ in difficulty.

The winner of the game is the player who has the most points at the end of the game.

— more information coming soon —

Help needed!

I am looking for people who wish to help me in finding/creating lyrics to put on the cards. I’m busy compiling a list of some known verses from artists (copyright will be handled) but I’m far from an expert in the rap & hip-hop genre.
Anyone who wishes to contribute can add their entries to the following doc:
<a style=”color: red; font-weight: bold;” href=””>RAP GOD DOC</a>
Be sure to add your name and email so I can contact &amp; credit you later if necessary. And please: no bullshit.</div>

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