I always want to create things and creating stories or elaborate fictions is one of the things I enjoy doing. I realise that I’m not a writer and that my linguistic and writing skills are lacking but the desire to create something is immense.

Below are a few excerpts and rough idea drafts for screenplays that I have put together over the years. I had a couple more but I decided to take them out since they are, basically, already made… I choose to think that great minds think alike. HAH.


A story about a people living on a world that are trying to compete to reach the skies, they go for it at all costs and it shows a selfish race aiming for something higher. They finally succeed but quickly realise their world inside out, reversed, moving up makes them eventually reach the other side of the world which they thought was below them (like our world).


Pan over a collection of DVD’s, several wellknown films like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and other violent or special movies. In background, travel over person sitting on a couch watching a movie, the cam is aereal and pans over his head ending in a close up shot of him eating popcorn or whatever.

Camera flows through room and gives a view of the world our main character lives in: videogames, posters etc while the main narrator speaks

“They say, since ???? the number or violent crimes has increased, the number of crimes by minorities even has increased by ?? percent. The reasons are numerous, but the truth as always, is less important for the powers that be. The media feeds on the kapitalist ideal of supply/demand and people want it so they give it. But if people want it doesn’t that solve the question on where violence comes from? And why feed it if you know the cause? congress nods willingly as they see their votes increase with each 15 minutes they show their heads in gameshows void of everything. Their idea is that violence begts violence, yet they show us violence so doesn’t that make us violent? You see, I don’t know… it doesn’t affect me. Seeing man being cut his head off doesn’t want urges me to slit someones throat, it just makes me realise mankind is sick. Violence is within each of us, deep inside, it’s as natural as growing toenails. They feed us violence and we need to swallow it like a duck choking on corn. They don’t see it, and new scapegoats need to be found; videogames, music, movies… According to their methods of thought I’m a killer, a danger for society but i’m not more violent then the rest of my fellow earth inhabitants. It lurks in everyone of us. The real question is now who incites what but what came first? the chicken or the egg?”

Cut to 4 bullies beating the boy to pulp afterwards a girlfriend comes to him and asks if they did it again and that he should fight back. He explains he’s not like that yet, talks about dfense (storyteller mode). At a certain point he flips at school, same route as dfense.

The movie is a movie and games reenacted, like Kill Bill, each act of violence occurs after a reason -> bus, bank, drivers, bitches, etc until the rape of the girlfriend where he snaps completely -> starts his war against everyone from small to large.

After the final pre-cataclysm time stops.

Violence = man > man needs guidance, violence breaths violence, if it’s not contained.

Some are victims some are perpretrators, we all have it in us, we all snap at a certain point it’s only a matter of time, you need to master it, lock it up into something that is strong enough, to contain the beast within (zoom to beast in cage who shakes cage), zoom into eyes of beast, zoom out of eyes of maincharacter who is about to do what needs to be done – time starts (what will happen?)


Retelling of the story of Samson and his hair.

Guy goes to barbershop and needs a haircut, he encounters strange people are waiting and sitting in the chairs, very uncomfortable situation. A boy passes with his mother, slight gleem of a monster. The barber calls him, asks him what to do with the hair. Gets a cup of coffee and reads in a book, weird time-passing move. The barbershop closes and the main character finds himself trapped in the chair unable to move. The barbershop owner talk to someone (he doesn’t see who) about cutting hair, and getting the equipment. The people take of his clothes and cut all of his hair off and place him in a nightgown in a seat. “You just stay here, Michael”

Days pass and people enter the shop, they greet “Michael” and are told he is their sick, comateuse family member. The main character will try to escape but with no avail, he can’t move. On a certain day a girl enters, she’s very interested in michael and seems to be very concerned about him. She frequently returns untill a certain point where she gets a job as barber. In time they explain her to cut of michaels hair so he doesn’t lose all the hair, she finds it weird and let’s it grow. She starts to get attached to michael and at a certain point she abuses him sexually. She let’s the hair grow more and more and even michael gets fond of her. Main character eventually gets enough strenght to go out of his chair, he returns quickly. The girl whispers to him, days pass and people pass, a new guy enters and gets hauled to the back. Later the guy gets out of his chair and returns to the back, he discovers the body of the other guy, dead. goes to below and discovers a cousin it like creature feeding and breathing. he gets discovered but is able to kill the people. The man sets fire to the creatures and the girl arrives too and reveals that it was only for her to do one things, be the strongest. The girl takes her scissors and tells the man to sit down as she undresses herself. The man sets fire to her and gets “perished” in the flames, he wakes in his bed, thinking it was a dream looking in the mirror, he gets to the barbershop where new people have arrived, the camera pans through the shop, down the stairs where two creatures sit next to eachother covered in starting hair.


Story about a chainmail or item wandering through several houses, families and person. Each person gets affected by it in his or her own way (good or bad). Later in the series people try to find the start of the chain which will bring them into a dark and mysterious route.


What if our dreams were actually our real lives. What if years passed in a mere second? We forget the real world and dream the actual world where everything is possible. Lucid dreamers are the most powerful people who can bed the dreamworld. If you die in your dream you die in real life (or vice versa).

Everything is all. Like described in the Cosmic Trigger and several theories. Multiple dimensions. The reoccurance of certain mathematical figures.
Atoms > Cells > Planets > Solar systems > Atoms > etc

The Last Revolution

A man ‘discovers’ a conspiracy of establishment who controls the media as puppets to subdue mankind so the establishment stays in power.

Guy works in a factory, eats junk food and watched numbing TV-shows, can’t chose between 2 political parties. He sees a documentary (while zapping) about 1968, they show images of ludic and iraq -> dumb US – The sum of idiocracy.


He starts to revolt and manages to get some people behind him who get oppressed which only increase his “paranoid delusions”

  • Links to governments doing or not doing what they’re supposed to do
  • Links to the fact people don’t do shit about it
  • Large corporations abusing their power merely for own benefit.

“This isn’t a democracy, this is an idiocracy, a majority of dumb people voting
for someone who’s the cleverest in disguising himself in a media built carnival”


Short animation about a man who has lots of friends on the internet, a popular guy.

Story based in rennaissance but in a modern setting

Main character visits his friend with his new fiancee in Rennaissance Europe. The Venician mask-party gets out of hand, shady conspiring, lucious bulging breasts, etc. Main character stumbles drunk out of party to return home and gets into the whore neighbourhood (like Vidocq), starts to invest in girls and man-girls, falls asleep and dreams about the party and occurings (reality fades).

Main character wakes on the street, robbed and violated, returns home to ponder about that what happened. He received a letter from someone to come to london for a meeting, in his trip from venice he sees the same girl (fiancee) in a cornfield. Dreams about that field turning bloodred. He arrives in Antwerp, loges in some café where he is offered an absinthe, the girl returns in the bar as a maid. “Have we met” -> “No I don’t Think so”. He follows the girl home, girl gets captured by man in an alley and gets raped. Flash. Girls stands over you (the man who raped) outside the bar, a friend comes out and asks if you had too much to drink. The girl grins mysteriously and leaves as the friend helps you up.

He arrives in London after a weird trip, thinks he’s losing his mind, he sees the girl many times on the trip. He gets arrested in Dover after assaulting the girl in the trainstation in the evening. The police link him with Jack the Ripper and interrogates him about it in a very psychologically violent way. The man wakes in his cell and asks the cop when he can leave after 4 days of imprisonment, he replies bluntly that he was brought in 4 hours ago cause he crashed sick in the streets. The girl slips the key to the man, unseen by the main character, and releases him. He follows the girl again and sees almost the same thing as before, the girl gets nabbed by a man, Jack the Ripper who is some kind of beast (like in dream) that tears the woman apart. He runs away scared of being caught again, wanders. “You drink too much of that stuff” (friend points to Absinthe), “it’s the only thing that keeps me clear”. He finally meets his friend with his other friend, who introduces his new girlfriend -> fiancee -> girl. Main character goes to talk with her, slighty nervous “what are you doing, who are you, whats happening”.

She takes him to a room with a bed, red cloth, girl starts to seduce man, pushed him on red cloth, he falls through red cloth and has the girls over and over, dreamimage, people he met towards an end.

— more information coming soon —

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