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The Fort is a comedy-series based largely on the hit-series “the Office” and it’s Flemish counterpart “het eiland”. The premise is the same except for the setting. The Fort is located in a large automobile factory and will show te comedic -yet real- side of factory-life. It has several cliché characters such as the boss, the chief, the interns, the anciéns and others.

The series will mostly consist of jokes based on clichés, stereotypes and recognizable situations

During season 1 we’ll follow the course of an intern into the work environment, through the daily life and ending with the possible shut-down of the factory due to budget-cuts.

Season 2 will continue on this path by introducing the reason behind these budget-cuts: upper management financial misconduct.


Locations usually are in the factory, at the clock, on the constructionline, the kantina, the smokers-area, the desk, the toilets etc. The parking lot, internoffices and some other minor locations also pop up now and then.


Layoffs due to excesses of top management, dirty tricks of the intern companies, cliques, propaganda speeches, toilet graffiti, students, sex in the company, the lotto, soccer, TV and dreams of a better job, pay raises, union crap, corruption, overtime, company parties, wages VS workhours, etc


  • The Boss
    You rarely, if ever, see him but you know they exist. But it’s these guys who have to do nothing to get double the wage that you get.
  • The Bureau
    Anke and co make sure your papers are in order, at least if they don’t make a mistake and you’re missing your monthly wages. They are the Switserland between you and the top floor bosses.
  • The Chiefs
    These are the actual bosses you have to deal with. Willy, fons, Filip and Fons walk the floor and tell you what to do and what not to do. You can often find them doing what they just told you not to do and vice versa.
  • The Floor
    The permantly appointed: Alain, Roger, Tuur, Jos, Magda, Herman, the marrocans, the technicians and the temps. These are your colleagues and the people who keep the company running even though most will disagree.
  • The Rest of the Bunch
    They give the floor a nice element when they finally visit the floor. The cleaning ladies, the internconsults Debby and Ingrid and that guy who fills up the vending machine.
  • Interims and Students
    Canonfodder for every company, you won’t see these people a long time so you don’t have to take them seriously really. They are often a nuissance since they know they’re just there to do the dirty jobs. Rail ‘m in and haul ‘m out, year in year out, some stick around, most go on to better places.


  • There’s a new intern every day
  • Marketing specialists who come to speak propaganda and get payed royally for the bs they tell
  • stupid rules from the Higher-Ups
  • Overuse of English terms that mean nothing
  • Talking about lottery, football, gambling
  • Layoff without profound reason and the tricks to do it
  • Gossips that are thrown out of proporation
  • Not being able to work but having to do something (ie cleaning


  1. The intern
  2. The new batch
  3. The Lotto
  4. Panne
  5. The Toiletdoor
  6. Propaganda
  7. Misconduct
  8. The Transfer
  9. Smokers Ban
  10. Muteny
  11. Christmas Quarrels
  12. Budgetcuts

— more information coming soon —

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