The A-Team Adventure Game is an old-school adventure game based on the classic 80’s hit series The A-Team. A crack commando unit under the lead of John “Hannibal” Smith gets wrongfully accused and sentenced by a military court. They escape and to survive start up a mercenary group helping people against real criminals.

It’s styled as an 8-bit game and features puzzles, driving and action sequences and both has elements of the early GTA series and the Sierra & Lucasarts games.

The story will start in Vietnam, go through the bank heist, the escape from maximum security, the launch of the A-Team up to season 1 to 5 where the team is forced to work with Stockwell. It features episodes of the original series added with fan-based prequels and sequels. It also features a cameo from oter 80’s hitseries such as MacGyver, Knigtrider, Mission Impossible, Airwolf and others.

Art-style is consistently like the early EGA adventure games where the dialogue and other “up-close” elements are in the much more detailed SVGA style.

The adventure itself is both click-adventure as text-adventure. It gives the possibility of having a more indepth and engaging moments and avoids the tedious pixel searching that, to me, have brought down the golden age of adventure games and the genre itself.

You are in control of the four main characters of the A-Team as well as the “side-kicks” such as Amy Amanda Allen and Frankie Santana.

Rough Level Set-up

  • Vietnam character setup mission
  • The Hannoi Bank Heist
  • Their escape from the Maximum Security Stockade
  • The creation of the A-Team
  • Their first missions
  • Seasons 1-5
  • Missions not included in the series
    These will include cameo’s from other succesfull 80ties series such as Knightrider, Airwolf, MacGyver, Mission Impossible, Miami Vice, and others.
  • Epilogue
    Featuring the adventures of the A-Team after their ordeal with Stockwell and possibly the pardon received by the government as closure

— more information coming soon —

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