The Pickpockets is a fast card-game where you play a pickpocket. Your goal is to pickpocket all the other players and have the highest loot at the end of the game. However, all other players are pickpockets too and the game only ends when someone uses either of two special cards. Will you outsmart your opponents, will you have the most loot of them all, will you end the game now or risk to swipe another card?

The Pickpockets

The first one is a small card game called The Pickpockets where you play a pickpocket walking around picking unsuspecting victims’ pockets. Unlucky for you the others are pickpockets as well!

Each round players will fill their pockets with stolen items coming from either their Surroundings or each other. Every player can hold an item in each hand and pockets (totaling 4 items) and will need to manage these while pickpocketing others.

The game ends when 2 cards pop up and are used (either a police or a gun-card) after which the players tally up the items they are holding. The one with the most points is the winner.

Game Components: 1 box, rulebook, 70 cards.

The Pickpockets box, rules and cards.

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