In most first person shooters you play as some kind of military character who is quite adept at using all sorts of guns. You often get thrown into the non-military background these always end up to be excellent shooters as well..

This game however plummets a normal guy into a war.

In the beginning of the game you are doing your normal stuff, going to work, getting home, spending a little time with your family when all of a suddon, somewhere in the night or day an attack is done by some foreign force..

Oblivious as to what is going on you are thrown into a chaotic, confusing and unknown warzone. A regular guy who is forced to defend himself against a trained unknown force..

Your goal is to survive and get to your family rather then being the world-saviour, you’ll learn how to use guns better and better during play but you’ll mostly have to rely on witt. The usage of “home-made” traps is thus often very important and the player will be given ample opportunity to invent stuff. Its possible however, for gameplay’s sake that the player will have to decide between a couple of people (aka classes) which will give certain bonusses but expect them to be different (science teacher for example, nurse, unemployed gamer, etc).

— more information coming soon —

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