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Den Ambacht – Bar Crevette

Restaurant Den Ambacht is reopening after the covid restrictions are lifted with a new concept called “Bar Crevette” which I had the pleasure to make a logo for.

Youtube Channels

Some of my collaborations with Youtubers and other streamers.

Orville Nation

I have made a couple of illustrations for Orville Nation to use during their youtube streams.

Super Video Game Gal

Super Video Game Gal requested a mid-century rebranding for her social media and streaming accounts.

Cartoon Festival Part 3

The 2018 edition of the Cartoonfestival in Knokke had as theme “Travel & Vacation” and so I set out to make another set of cards and other illustrations.

Project List

An almost complete list of projects I am working.


Logo and menu for a quick-food start-up selling purely chicken dishes.

I’m Leonardo

Illustrations for a boardgame designed by Louise de Corte.

Climate Postcards

Photoshopped holiday cards about climate change.

Announcement cards

Collection of birth-, anniversary-, birthday- and other announcement cards I have made for several people.


Illustrations, drawings, paintings and sketches I have made in my lifetime.

Graphic Designs

A selection of graphic design and print work.


A number of websites I have created over the course of the years.


Miscellaneous work I have created in the past.

Cartoon Festival Part 2

For several years I have created the trading card game handed out at the Cartoonfestivals in Knokke.

Cartoon Festival Part 1

For several years I have created the trading card game handed out at the Cartoonfestivals in Knokke.

American Wood Oil

For several years I created folders, flyers, magazines and a site for American Wood Oil.

Boardgame Goodies

Grab a couple of goodies I have collected or made for a few boardgames.

The Bibtrollies

For three years local libraries in Flemish-Brabant asked Pupil to create something that would increase the desire to read in children. They came up with the BibTrolls and it was a great success.

Designed with a Mac

My dislikes and likes on the Mac.

Red Cross Flanders Learning Plans

Visuals used in flyers for schools to educate children on the workings of blood and plasma in the human body.

You are number 6.

A ranty review on the Prisoner series

Relatively speaking

A relatively relative rant on relativity

The Google Generation

A rant on Google

The Light in the Dark

Blogging. Pseudo-journalism about your own life, with one point: attention. It’s hot it’s groovy it’s almost passé, even Twitter is off his high peek, still leeching of from a few minor “grand-occurances” and the plebs who just start to hear about it.

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