Relatively speaking

Words don’t come easy, to me, words are meaningless and forgettable, words are important but they are also just what they are.Should we stick to our narrowminded terms of words where we place everything in defined boxes without realising that we are all part of more boxes at the same time.

A chair is a chair but it doesn’t tell you what kind of chair, what color, what size, shape. You add words to add meaning and the more words you add the more time you’ll spend explaining it and reading it. And people don’t like to put time into things anymore, everything needs to be fast cause life can end soon. Carpe diem and preferably while driving 150Mph on a speed-binge. There’s no time for crying, get over it emo-kid, no time for discussion just nuke the bastards, ROFLMAO you imba-fag, first! People with problems are too depressing and we can’t handle it when confronted cause my internet is slow and I have to wait 2 fucking minutes for my Farmville to load. I’m twittering my ass off so my followers will know that I’m currently persueing a delightful coffee in a restroom but I don’t have time to sit down and talk to my neighbour cause that will require effort. We seem to talk and act more and more like most of us fuck: as long as I get my pleasure and it doesn’t take too much time or effort I’m ok with it.

Exaggerations are great, opinions are like arseholes, exceptions prove the rule, and perception is reality. Everything is relative I say and I think we should embrace that concept.
People and things are called words, psychology puts us in boxes, we are this or that even though we know there’s a whole grey-scale between us. But there is never one word for the whole picture. There aren’t even enough pictures at times to show the whole.

But it’s Yin and Yang baby, alpha and the omega, black and white… and yeah there’s grey in between but it requires 15 designers and one to screw in the lightbulb to make a nice designed logo for it.

But let’s be honest. Can someone really be smart if he doesn’t know something he doesn’t know? And is he then dumb cause he doesn’t know that ‘trivial’ fact? Can someone really be brave if he’s afraid of a mouse, or a spider? And is someone really weak if he succumbs to his or her emotions and falls into a depression? Are you really evil if you can’t hurt a child? Are you really good after you’ve done that one devious thing (You know what I’m talking about!)
Are you really beautiful when 50% of the population isn’t interested in you or if you have a lousy character? And are you really ugly if you’re the most beautiful and kind person on earth?
Are you really fat when… well ok, exceptions.
We are never one thing or the other, we are never this or that. We are the combination of both, a balance of weaknesses and strengths, positive and negative sides that make us who we are. So whats the point in calling people this or that, to put them in a box and throw away the other side of them. The side you do not want to see or acknowledge simply cause you prefer to see the one you focus on?

Emotion VS reason, we are both emotional and reasonable and sometimes both sometimes one or the other. Even zen-buddhist monks and the occassional Vulcan will testify to that.

Knowing this comes at a cost though.
We can never be unhappy cause someone is always worse off then us. We can never be depressed cause rain always comes after sunshine. And if you can’t be unhappy, can you be happy? What is happy anyways, and what’s the difference between being happy and being content, pleased, excited… Is love really love or a crush, affection, lust, passion, smitten…?
Can you really be angry at a person when you fully realise that what he or she does comes from his movie, with his pictures and billions of words? There is evil out there ofcourse, there are bad things, but those people exist and are cause of what their past made them. They did not choose every aspect of their lives. Often they haven’t even chosen their own actions, even with free will, thought and reason, we will respond and react in the way we were raised, in the way our genes are sorted, in the way our nature tells us to.

Making everything relative won’t make life easier, life is easy when you have a clear-cut case of everything. When there’s no doubt, no mix-up… when things are just ‘what they are’. Things are never what they are or what they seem, but it’s easier like that and maybe that’s -for the most times- not such a bad thing. Clarity keeps you sane and humanity is often insane enough dispite all it’s sanity.

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